February 12, 2009

The night the lights went out...and the morning after breakfast

Last night, as Mr. Right and i sat reading by candle light, I knew exactly what my TILT post would be - I love electricity!

Only this morning, I got free chic-fil-a for breakfast, so I was a little conflicted.

So I decided to sing both of their praises!

Due to the wind/rain storm that came through last night, mr. right and I had no power until about 9:30 last night (which means no lost for me - don't spoil me please!)

We lose power in our area frequently, so I took home Taco Bell for dinner just in case. I had visions of getting 1/2 way through cooking dinner only to have the power go out and us left with out food and no way to clean up the mess.

It was a good thing that I did, because the power was already out by the time I got home. I gathered the candles and the flash lights while there was still daylight to see, and Mr. Right and I made sure the pathways were clear.

Our house is junkie because i'm a good wife. Yeah, that's it. I'm such a sweet wife, I don't complain when he leaves his crap laying everywhere. Seriously, for my own sanity I'd pickup after him if it stayed picked up. But he'll go looking for the item and then drag it right back out. But I digress.

Once it got dark we went to bed...

and read by candle light. Don't worry, once I finished my Marie Claire magazine, we worked on the Challenge. ;-)

He and I even discussed having an "electricity free" day once a month, just as a way to step back and appreciate what we have, and how blessed we truly are. Not sure that I'll be up to that come summer and 90 degree temperatures though!

Oooh, I just thought of another thing I love - City water! I hate the taste and I hate that we have a water bill every month. But it sure was nice to be able to freely flush toilets, wash our hands, and wash my makeup off. With wells, if the electricity goes off, you have no water because the pump can't run.

So what does any of this have to do with Chic-fil-a?

Nothing, but this month (at least in my area) they are giving away free biscuits. The chicken mini's to be exact. So while technically they didn't give me a free product to review, I did get a free product out of the deal.

Just because they are super cool like that. :) As a matter of fact they are giving away a free breakfast sandwich every Thursday in the month of February (in my area at least). All you have to do is take in a cereal box top.

I just walked up to the counter, handed my box top (that I'd gotten free at Walgreen's ages ago) and said "can I trade my corn pops for a biscuit?"


I walked out with 3 chicken minis in my hand and it cost me nothing but the gas to the store. Oh and 280 calories, but my corn pops would have been 220 any way.

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  1. Electricity is great but I want the free biscuit!!! There is no Chik-Fil-A by us. Boo Hoo!

  2. We have no Chik-fil-A by us, but I do appreciate electricity!

  3. Wait, wait, wait, take a box top to Chick-fil-a and get a free chicken biscuit??? SIGN ME UP!! I gotta check this out!

  4. Love chik-fil-a...will have to try for the freebie this weekend. Thanks for the tip. Like the idea of the electricity free day however maybe just a gadget/electronic free day. I still need to blowdry my hair :)

  5. omg free chicken minis might my favorite thing ever!! but i do love electricity too :)

  6. We were without power for a while last week ourselves--definitely something I love too! :)

  7. Electricity is definitely one of those things you don't appreciate until it's gone. I appreciate free chick-fil-a all the time though.

  8. Yeah for electricity AND fast food!

  9. Oh man, I sort of regret I visited your blog because I'm stuck on the Chik-fil-A now! And I can't get them overseas!!! One of the things we say around our house when we get homesick is, "How about Chik-fil-A for lunch?" and we daydream a bit.

    Electricity IS a blessing!

  10. we have no chik-fil-a either. Boo!! I missed Lost last night too through a DVR mishap. ARGH!!!

  11. An electricity-free day means you can't blog! I don't think I could make it...

  12. I have never tried Chik-Fil-A but I heard that it is good and yes I am so happy for electricity!

  13. I love Chic-fil-A!!! the electricity free day sounds like a great idea!


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