February 26, 2009

Christian Music

Before December, I listened to Country and Top 40 radio. Over the Christmas holiday, I changed over to the Christian station because they were playing Christmas music only for the entire month!

As the holiday season was wrapping up, they challenged their new listeners to take the 30 day challenge. Listen to their station through out the month of January, and see the impact of uplifting music in your life.

So I did. And I have.

I hardly listen to anything else now! (Dave Ramsey on the talk radio station does get me on the drive home from work though.)

I dusted off my MP3 player to find it full of depressing "tear in my beer" country songs from the 90s (Mr. Right's play list from his college days).

I desperately need to change out the songs - but I need your help. What are some great, upbeat songs (the MP3 player is for working out) that I should download? What could be more encouraging to listen to than music praising God as I do some temple upkeep?

Plus I need the reminder that the workout isn't for my own selfish reasons (lose a few inches off the thighs) but rather to make myself as healthy as possible so that I can more effectively do the work of Christ?

Okay so I don't believe that last part yet, but if I had some good music I might!!

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  1. Christian music - woo hoo! There's a topic I'm still fluent in! I have a whole LIST of favorites that I use to "workout" i.e. dance around with kiddos :)
    WAY too long to put in comments...I will email you...

  2. We've made the switch to almost all Christian Music and its been awesome! It really has changed our attitudes:)

    Some of my favs:
    Super Chic[k] and Barlow Girl are really upbeat and fun. They are some of my favorite workout tunes.

    Jars of Clay (not as upbeat but I do love them)

    David Crowder and Chris Tomlin are really good for praise


    - Katie!

  3. So sorry.....my old body absolutely refuses to work out so I really think any nusic that I could come up with would only work for the cool down part! Thanks for stopping by ...yes I have the best husband and he's been mine for over 35 years....I am Blessed!

  4. I really like Nicole Nordeman. I guess part of why I like her is because she's also a young mother, and her songs carry that sensitivity.

    PS: I'm your newest subscriber, yay!

  5. I LOVE Firefly and Superchic (though I don't think that's how you spell it...). Also...Robert Randolph and the Family Band (if you can find them; hard to do). GREAT work out music!

  6. Thanks for the blog comment. I used to listen to a bit of country and I found it really turned my attitude and not for the better. Christian music is good stuff. One of my favorites is the Amazing Grace by Chris Tomlin. Awesome stuff!

  7. I guess that would be a better reason to work out... :) As for music, I like a mix including some Christian songs like Karen Peck singing Four Days, Casting Crowns I Am Yours and so on. I love a few country love songs though. :)

  8. Christian faves: Jeremy Camp, Casting Crowns, Mercyme, Caedmon's Call, Chris Rice, Randall Goodgame, Third Day, Monk and Neagle...good stuff! I do love me some country music too, though :)

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving such sweet comments! I hope to see you back there soon:-)

  10. Totally agree with all of the above recommendations. And you can always use Pandora to find more. Did I mention I love Pandora??!!

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  12. Hey Girl! If you want some of the best contemporary Christian Music from some of the top Christian Artists, chk out this site Top 10 Christian Albums 2008. Not sure if that kind of 'soul' is what you are lookin for but you never know!!

  13. Let's see. It is always hard to recommend music. I like some of Toby Mac's stuff. I also like some of DC Talk's music. I really like Audio Adrenaline, David Crowder Band and Matthew West. Barlow Girl is good too!


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