April 16, 2010

Friday Free for All

I was a bad girl and didn't try anything new this week, so I'm not able to particpate in the Shrinking Jeans Monday Project.  I really don't have anything new to chat about so I thought I'd throw a little of this and a little of that.

Financial Friday

Jay and I conquered 2 big financial hurdles this week - taxes and opening Roth Iras.  I was a bit worried about taxes this year.  We had a ball park about what we thought they should be, and had the money squirreled away in savings.   I feared the worsts - that Jay had miscalculated somehow and we would owe more than he expected.

Thankfully that wasn't the case. 

We had actually over funded our tax savings so we used the remainder to open up Roth IRAs for each of us.  For the first time in my life I know what those people who get huge tax refunds each yera feel like - only I had the privilage of keeping my money all year and earning interest on it.

We were on a time crunch with the IRAs because up until April 15th you can fund a Roth for the previous year.  Choosing to use the money towards 2009's investment limit means that we can work the rest of the year to save up and try to add for as 2010's contribution.  Its really a win-win, we have the opportunity to save more later if we can, but if the funds just aren't there they we don't have to contribute again this year.

Fitness Friday

This weekend is the big walk - the Mountain Man Memorial March.  26.2 miles walking with 4 other ladies all in support of our team captain's husband.  She's currently station here, with their 3 year old son, while he's station in Iraq serving our country.  After registering this evening, we're going to dinner for a girls night out/carb load combo.  Not sure we'll be going hard enough to need to carb load, but who can turn down great Italian food?

This morning I shaved even more time off my swim.  I did 400M in 16 minutes.  Not a great time, but good for my considering I did 300M on Monday in the same amount of time.  I'm not great at this swimming thing, but I'm coming along.

I freaked out earlier in the week when I learned that the community center indoor pool would be closing for renovation on May 1st.  Normally the outdoor pool doesn't open until Memorial day - May 31st - the day of my triathlon.  Thankfully they are going to open the outdoor pool to lap swim early to accomodate the indoor pool users. 

Great news.  Only its going to be as cold as wiz in that pool. 

Fashion Friday

I wore a super cute outfit - accessorized well and everything - earlier in the week.  So well that I wanted to get a picture but as usual I never got around to it.  I found a cute spaghetti strap full length dress on sale at target in the dead of winter ($5 and size XS - can't beat that!).  I wore it once in the winter with a long sleeved tee under it.  This week I wore a short sleeved white tee (the dress is hot pink) with a long silver strand with white beads ever 3 inches or so, and a cute pair of gray flats. 

Totally much cuter in person than in the description.

Oh well.

So, what's up with you this weekend


  1. That crazy neighbor of mine, had a huge fire going! There were about 2-3 trees cut up and buring. It burned for three days! I was so glad when it started to smolder. And on tap for my weekend...do I even have to say it? BASEBALL! R1 has two games Sat. and possibly two on Sund. R2 has one game tonight and one Sat. And my beloved Astros FINALLY won a game. Woo Hoo!!

  2. I hope you have a great weekend! That is awesome news about the taxes :)

  3. Girlfriend, you're just awesome news all over the place today! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and good luck on the Mountain Man Memorial March!

  4. Great news on the taxes. You and Jay are so responsible with your money - I'm impressed!

  5. Yay for a good Financial/Fitness/Fashion Friday post! I'm so happy for you about the taxes! As you know, I can completely understand!! {& I know what you mean about wanting to share good news with your friends!} I hope the big walk went well, & I'm glad you'll have a pool to train in! Of course, I want to see some pics of the outfit!


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