April 09, 2010

The Monday Project Book Club Edition

Christie O. was generous enough to give us two weeks to complete this Monday Project - read a book on healthy/fitness/nutrition and report back.

The Monday Project

I chose Triathlete Magazine's Complete Traithlon Book by Matt Fitzgerald.  My friend/training buddy loaned it to me right as my training began and just in time for the Monday Project!  She had considered doing a sprint triathlon and had purchased the book for herself.  I can't really remember why she never raced in one.

Okay if you're new to triathlons run far, far away from this book!  It really freaked me out.  I'd talked to Christie and Pubsgal and had myself psyched up for doing a sprint tri myself.  Then I read this book and got completely intimidated.

$1,000+ for a bike?  A wet suit?  This is a sport I can't afford to get addicted to.  Thankfully Christie was around to talk me down and point me in the direction of Beginner Triathlete.  I'm already in a mentor group working along side a group of tri newbies like myself.

Having said that, the book did have useful information in it.  I'm sure more experiences triathletes would benefit greatly from the book.  I even learn that I needed to tweak my swim - who knew that your arm should break the water bent at an angle instead of straight?

Okay so everyone did.

Go ahead, I'll wait until you get finished laughing at the 29 year old that knows nothing about swim technique.


I'm not getting any younger folks.


Anyhoo - the author doesn't seem to think that a triathlete in training should eat in a deficit, but who knows more a writer for Triathlete Magazine or Christie O.?   It seems to be working for her.  Maybe with the longer distances (Olympic, Half Ironman, Ironman) I can understand that, but I'm not increasing my training any so I shall survive.

Enough about that - I'm excited to check out what you're reading.  Don't forget to link up over at the Sisterhood

If you're not a shrinking sister, I'd love to hear about what you're reading in the comments.  I <3 books!

PS I haven't started the Beth Moore Insecurities book yet.  I'm scared.  I know its gonna be painful. 


  1. I'm in the middle of three books...I usually have several going at a time because I get book A.D.D.! I'm reading The Ragamuffin Gospel, The Reader, and Anna Karenina (that one's been in the rotation for quite some time, lol).

  2. Right now I am in the middle of reading Charlotte's Web for the 9,000 time. I love it and R1 is reading it in class so we are also reading it at home. We try and sit down at least every 2-3 days and read a chapter. Personaly I haven't found anything for myself to read. Maybe I will go back and re-read the Twlight series. =) Have a great weekend. Oh and guess what Hub's mowed the grass and edged, and weed-eated! He totally rocked the yard!!

  3. I've always got several books going ~ not usually on health/fitness/nutrition, though! Elly & I are reading Tuck Everlasting at bedtime. Cody & I are about to start a new book (hopefully not another Diary of a Wimpy Kid). I'm reading The Unusual Suspect (Stephen Baldwin). & I'm thinking of reading the Beth Moore book you've been talking about ~ a group of ladies from church are starting it for a book club.

    {did Jay seriously comment on your last entry? I didn't know he read your blog!}

  4. it's actually sort of funny, but you really have to play with the calories/points if you're tri training, i have a friend who couldn't do weight watchers while tri training, but i did fine -- i just HAD to eat ALL of the activity points. When I didn't, I didn't lose anything. So I did actually have to eat more, I just had to find the balance. Now I kind of have it in my head and I eat just a little more when I have crazy long workouts and i'm still losing! sweet. anyhoo, glad you're all set up in a group, that's awesome!

  5. Too bad the book wasn't a good read for you, but so glad you've got Christie O. as resident expert! With her in your corner, you've got it made!

  6. Maybe ChristieO should write a book to help you get prepared for the Tri!

    Glad you got "something" out of the book at least.

    Oh and btw, I didn't know about the swimming technique and I'm WAY older than 29 so you obviously know more about it than I do!! My mom and dad never sent me for seim lessons either so I'm a TERRIBLE swimmer...

  7. Yeah, someone told me I needed to buy a bike for cheap...$200. I was like, "Uh...yeah, my husband works PART TIME and we have stuff like bills...and grad school..." That's one of the reasons why I just didn't break down and get a road bike for tomorrow's tri. BUT to make myself feel better, I decided to bike 13.8 miles on the exercise bike at my home, LOL!!!

    I'm reading Ted Dekker's Circle trilogy again. But I'm pretending Green doesn't exist. Because it was horrible.

  8. I am actually reading the Hunger Games series book 2. Next on my list is Three Cups of Tea.
    It seems like I always have a list going but I have never read a book about Tri-atholons!

  9. Your post reminded me that I'd better get to the library quick and pick up the item I have on hold. (I think it's a Dashiell Hammet collection, not sure.)

    Oh yes, the more technical triathlon books intimidate me, too. I like the ones with "beginners" or "dummies" in the title. :-) And no, I didn't know about the arm thing. I've probably been doing it wrong all these years.

    And pooh on the idea of needing a $100 bike! I ride my old hybrid. Would I like a newer one? Heck yeah! Do I need $1000 worth of bike? Doubt it. I've been checking craigslist, but the used ones are pretty pricey, too. And you don't really need a wetsuit unless the water is less than 78 degrees; many tri's are held in pools or in the summertime. I think if I ever wanted to get beyond olympic distance, I might need to invest in equipment and training, but that's probably a few years out there for me. I'm taking it really slowly so I don't get injured or burned out.

  10. This Ozarks farm chick always is happiest with all the balls in the air at once, I'm spastic that way! Heeeheheh!!!

    The work out thing? I have a dump truck load of mulch I'll shovel and wheelbarrow to dress my flower beds. I do yoga and walk with weights 30 min. a day and ya'll can find me in my spare time chasin' wild eyed cows. 'Don't think I'll be shellin' out any $$$$ to work out. :o)

    From the happy hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa, ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!!

  11. Have a great weekend. Oh and guess what Hub's mowed the grass and edged, and weed-eated! He totally rocked the yard!!
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