April 13, 2010

I'm a ungrateful brat.

Its True Confessions Tuesday time and the title says it all.  So we're done here.  Have a nice day!

Okay so you knew better than to think that you're going to get off that easily right? 

I'm a grateful brat because...

  • I've gotten down to 123.4, but then I get scared.  What if i can't get down any smaller?  So I sabatoge myself and make sure that I don't lose.  I typically do such a great job that it takes me about 3 weeks to undo all the sabatoge damage.  By the time I get back down, the yo-yo heads back up...
  • I didn't lose even a quarter inch in my thighs and calves this past 6 months.  I was hoping to see a little movement on the tape.  I have, however, lost 2 1/4 inches from each thigh since I started this journey over a year ago.  That's 4 1/2 inches lost from my total leg circumference.
  • Wanna know something else?  In  my lower stomach (you know the area that pooches on ever woman in the universe except those darn Victoria's Secret girls?)  I've lost 6 inches.  6.  Seriously!  Again that's over the course of more than a year, but still.
  • My husband is a hard worker - in a field that he loves and allows him to provide well for our family.  Yet I'm grouchy because of the big fat check I just had to write to the government for income taxes.
  • Said hardworking husband wanted to meet me for lunch to finalize said tax information, then he took me out to lunch to celebrate the 3 year 6 month anniversary of the first day we met.  And I'm grouchy because he made me miss my total body conditioning class.
I suppose life is pretty sweet...no matter what the scale says tomorrow.

PS - This was sabatoge week, so I'm hoping I'm not up too much and I can begin today putting an end to the cycle.


  1. You are doing great and you have a great hubby!

  2. After this challenge at SJ, I'm taking a break from the scale. I need a dose of perspective. You should join me! Sorry you didn't make the progress inch-wise that you wanted to on your legs, but I'm fairly certain I'd kill to have your numbers. Try to make HEALTHY your goal, not numbers.

    And the tax stuff? If I told you how much we had to pay this year, you would cry. CRY. We haven't put one foot on US soil in over a year. Apparently holding a US passport is worth an awful lot of money!

  3. Yeay for being grateful! Says a lot of good things about you, that you're able to see and acknowledge the good stuff, even though some aspects make you feel a little grouchy. Many people don't get past the grouchy. ;-)

  4. I've seen your abs and they are pretty amazing! There's always another conditioning class...hope you enjoyed the lunch with your hubby.

  5. Oh, girl, I completely understand about the taxes!! Last year, I cried for the whole last half of April! This year is better, because my mister had more taxes taken out at his salaried job to help compensate for his self-employment income. Those checks are so hard to write, though!

  6. Stupid taxes...I've been cursing them all week

  7. 6 inches! that is so great. that is a tough area to cut the inches off.
    way to go, thats awesome!

  8. Hey I think you are doing awesome. I would love to lose 6 inches in my stomach. Of course, I've had a bunch of kids so by now I need to lose alot more than that - LOL! They were totally worth it though!
    Bummer on the taxes. I don't think we've ever had to pay because we have always had a houseful of kids but with them all growing up and moving away I know the time is coming near - UGH!!!

  9. There's always another conditioning class...hope you enjoyed the lunch with your hubby
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  10. Sorry to contradict you, but I think you're pretty daggone special!!!!

    So there!


  11. I feel you on the whole yo yo thing. :-/ Keep it up though you've made gr8 progress!

  12. Dude! Your husband remembers an anniversary like that? SCREW THE CONDITIONING CLASS! You've got a special man on your hands!

    And (ahem) did you notice what Karena said about numbers and scales and stuff? Sounds familiar doesn't it?

    I'm just sayin'...


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