April 12, 2010

Weekend Update

Hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend!  I didn't do anything eventful - but that's eventful for me here lately!  I got most of the work I wanted done in the house marked off my list - can I get a big woot, woot?  I got 2 workouts in (normally I struggle to do 1 on the weekend) and I made a scrumptious dinner last night for the MIL's birthday.

I've got an exciting/nerve wracking week ahead of me.  My "to-do" list contains the following:

  • Allergist appointment this afternoon.  Must work up the nerve to ask him if I'd benefit from an inhaler.
  • Triathlon shopping in the University town.  I figure while I'm there for my Dr's appointment, I might as well get some much needed supplies at the sporting goods store.
  • Entertain the in-laws.  Okay so they pretty much entertain themselves while they are in but can throw my schedule for a loop a bit.  Case in point - I didn't get in bed until 11 o'clock last night, an hour past my bedtime.  They are gracious and wouldn't have minded me going to bed while they were still hanging around, I am just mental and didn't want to seem rude.
  • Going out with 2 clients of Jay's for dinner.  The first is very casual - I've told you about Stan before.  The other is a bit more formal, not sure how well my hillbilly self will go over at that one.
  • Do my first official brick workout on Wednesday.  I've never made the bike to run transition but I've been warned about wabbly legs for the first portion.
  • Finish "So Long Insecurities" by Beth Moore.  The conference is the 24th and I'd like to get my copy of the book to my mother so she can at least start it before the simulcast.
  • The Mountain Man March.  26.2 (or so) miles of walking all in the name of honoring a friend's husband currently serving in Iraq.  We're certainly not going to set any land speed records, we're hoping to complete the walk in about 8 hours.
What does your week look like?  Whatever you have planned I hope you have a good one!


  1. GET THE INHALER! It's like a cheat sheet for running, lol! Gives me an extra boost of energy.

    Going from biking to running stinks!! Start out slow to give your legs a stretch and then build up speed.

  2. Just a short one -- I LOVE that you called yourself a hillbilly! No shame, girl! Where I grew up, we didn't say hillbilly. No, I was a hick!

  3. Woot Woot! Is this the Stan that you chugged a beer with? ;)

  4. You sound busy, as always!

    Hmmm...my week. Nothing but work, editing my manuscript for medical journal submissions, massive house cleaning (we'll see if I get to that) and a little exercise here and there (let's hope, anyhow)

    Have a good one! :)

  5. P.S. LOST tomorrow!!! How 'bout a WOOT x 3!

  6. Well you have a busy week coming up. Oh the business dinners sound the worst to me - I hate having to be "on" - ha ha.
    You need to post more pictures of your pretty house now that you are getting more done.
    I bet it is looking gorgeous!
    Good luck getting everything done.

    After a couple of hectic weeks I actually have a pretty tame one this week - Yahoo!

  7. WOOT WOOT for getting all your work done this weekend. I want to go to the Beth Moore simulcast SO badly but I'm hosting a bridal shower that day!! :(

  8. You have a busy, busy week. You should definitely GET THE INHALER! It helps tremendously.

    Good luck on the walk. That is a great cause.

  9. Woot x3! Sounds like a great weekend for you. What did you end up making for your MIL's birthday?

    Best of luck with your week ahead! No worries on the brick, you'll do fine. Your legs will feel a little funny for a little while, then they'll be fine.

  10. Way to go on getting the things done at home you wanted too. I took half a day off today just so I could wash clothes and towels. I still need to go to the grocery store too. As far as your ring, I would take it to a local jeweler that you trust or that people you know trust. They can usually clean it on the spot and check the setting for you too. The jeweler where Hubs bought my ring is 30 minutes out of my way, but there is a very reputable jeweler 10 mintues from my house. They are very reasonable too.

  11. Your to-do list makes me tired. What did the doctor say?

  12. You've got yourself a busy week!

    I had to tell you that I had a dream that we met IRL!! In the dream, you mentioned on your blog that you would be in Houston, so I drove out there to meet you. Only, you didn't know it, so I showed up & was like, "Hey Brooke, it's Amy ~ you know, your blog friend?" & you just sorta looked at me weird! Then I woke up, so I don't know if you actually recognized me or not. I sorta had the impression that you thought I was a stalker or something! I promise I'm not, but if you ever said you were coming to Houston, I'd definitely have to meet up with you!!

  13. Good luck with your to do list!

    Would you recommend that Beth Moore book? I've been wanting to do one of her studies, I just never have gotten around to it.

  14. it is looking gorgeous!
    Good luck getting everything done.
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