April 29, 2010

You might be married to a redneck if...

aka - Lord help me I've married my father!

I hope Lora doesn't mind me coming up with my own Thursday's 10 - I thought we could all use a light hearted break today.

You might be married to a younger version of your father if...
  1. The lady at the gas station near your house exclaims "I know who you are!" by just your last name and your request for 2 cans of long cut natural Red Seal tobacco.  (Apparently my dear husband is the one that requested they keep that specific kind in stock. 
  2. Your husband insists on listening to David Allen Coe (living room window open, stereo at full volume) while working outside in the yard.  Ever hear "Would you lay with me in a field of stone?"  Only my father and my husband could enjoy listening to that macabre song and find it poetic.
  3. He hasn't yet turned 31, and he's already balding...
  4. And it seems to be falling from his head and making his chest hair thicker.  Don't know about you ladies but I <3 chest hair.  I am, however, bracing myself for the day it starts sticking to his back. *Shudder*
  5. Because of said balding he wears a cap everywhere but church.  Even out for a run.  In the 70 degree weather.
  6. He spoils me rotten - although unlike my father, he's not ashamed to admit it.
  7. He does sporadic exercise, but isn't consistent.  My father sprints on the football field every Friday night come August, but doesn't bother to exercise beyond that.  Jay exercises when he's bored and needs to reaffirm how much more awesome than me he is. :P
  8. He wants a pickup truck for his next vehicle - even if it has to be a 4 door version so that he can use it to show property to clients.
  9. They love chatting with one another about random sports events or the latest UT Vols news (be it a new recruit or an arrest.)
  10. He loves me - despite the millions of reasons he shouldn't.

So there you have it - proof that I've become a cliche and married a man just like my father.

I will say, however that I desperately hope it doesn't take such extreme measures for Jay to quit dip as it did my dad.  Daddy had to watch his own father die a slow and painful death from lung cancer - not to mention the trips together for my Papaw to receive radiation treatment.

Are you married to your father?  A spitting image of your husband's mother?  Tell me all about it!


  1. This is funny! My hubby isn't much like my Dad but they do have some similarities. Am I like his Mom - for the most part, I don't think so!

  2. Hubs isn't much like my dad except for sports. But they get along great. Which I love. And for the song from my blog. It's an old Van Halen song which really has nothing to do with ice cream.

  3. My husband is nothing like my father (thank goodness). My dad is a good guy but so old-school in so many ways.

  4. That is hilarious!! My husband is nothing like my father except for the fact that they both spoil me :)

  5. My hubby has some similarities to my dad but not completely. I, on the other hand, am a mini version of his mom.

  6. My hubby has some similarities to my dad but not completely. I, on the other hand, am a mini version of his mom.

  7. Hilarious!

    My man is a lot like my daddy -dependable, strong, impeccable judge of character...and I'm not afraid of the dark when he's around!

  8. Chris says I remind him of his mom, nothing he can really pinpoint, but he says it ocassionally. As for him & my dad ~ I'll never forget this one time when we were engaged. We were watching tv at Dad's, & I was sitting on the couch between my 2 men. Next thing I know, I hear snoring IN STEREO! They were both sawing logs on each side of me, & I was like, "Well, you know what they say..."

  9. You know, they always say women end up marrying men who are like their own fathers, but I think my husband is pretty much the exact opposite of my dad! My dad has had a fair bit of influence on my husband though ~ hubby has developed an interest in bluegrass music and bird-watching, both of which he couldn't have cared less about before joining our family! And my dad has changed too, since gaining a son-in-law. He's a lot crasser than he used to be when it was just me and mom around!!

    So maybe they're both becoming more and more like each other!!

  10. LOVE it

    the only way anthony is like my father is that he also loves music.
    i'm perfectly content with that--i love my parents but wouldn't want a marriage like theirs.

  11. Precious! Oh, I love this. And totally identify, LOL!!

    There were several speakers, but, honestly, I have trouble remembering their names. I'm reading a book by one of them, though -- Patsy Clairmont.

  12. Some things are almost the same and some things are very different : )
    I am glad you love him so much. Chest hair and all!

  13. What?! YES! I LOVE it!! I'm reading just a chapter a day to help it sink in. That's so cool!!

  14. Hee hee! Your post today made me chuckle.

    With me and my husband, I'd say I'm more like his mom than he is like my dad. :-) Especially with respect to hair...my dad has none and my husband has a nice, thick head of hair. (And what is it about guys who are balding and caps? I mean, look at Patrick Stewart and *embrace* how sexy bald can be, guys!!!)

  15. Oh yes........I def married a man who is my father in duplicate! And Im talking about my STEP dad (whom I consider my DAD). Except for the dipping part. My husband has done that since he was 14 and my 21 year old son just picked it up. I want them both to quit so badly. LOVE your list of 10, they were great!

  16. I am NOT married to my father. But I do know that that can happen alot.

    I had to laugh at the balding/chest hair thing as I've always said this about my husband.

    My hubby is not balding but he does have a receding hairline in the front a little.

    When we got married he was only 20 and had no one hair on his chest. As the years passed and the hair on his hair started to recede I did notice that he had more and more on his chest and it was always a source of amusement to me.

    Thanks goodness there is none on the back.

  17. Haha! I got a kick out of this! And I'm proud to be compared to your dad!


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