April 05, 2010

Wakey Wakey...

The past few nights I've been kept up late by family and chores partying like a rock star and I'm exhausted.  I won't complain though, I loved being able to spend the weekend with those that I love.  What'd I do with myself for the long weekend?

Friday Jay & I met up with one of the girls I'm walking the marathon with in a couple of weeks for our final training walk.  We'd  decided on Old Settler's Trail.  From everything we'd read about the trail - it was a fairly easy, but long hike so we could bank our mileage in style.  Why walk 22 miles on the sidewalk of a major road whilst sucking car exhaust when you could be strolling along side rock walls built by settlers several generations ago?

The trail was steeper than we'd anticipated, slowing down pace and limiting how many miles we could log.  (Jay had an appointment with a contractor that afternoon and my friend's family was coming into town.)  We ended up hiking 6.7 miles to the camp ground, then hiking on for another 30 minutes before turning around.    Estimating a hiking speed of 3 mph (which would be very generous in some spots) we hiked any where from 16-18 miles. 

Needless to say I was pooped - diet and budget be damned, I was not going home and cooking after all of that.  Instead I convinced Jay to make a run for the border and enjoyed a plate of Nachos Bell Grande and a large Dr. Pepper.

Saturday morning I woke up stressed.  We were meeting my sister in town around 11 for an Easter egg hunt, so I had just enough time to get a project started and not enough time to actually get much accomplished.  I decided early on that my 10 mile bike ride would go out the window.  Horrible, since my only other bike that week was on a flat tire and I averaged 7 MPH. 

Oh well a dirty house was calling my name.  I put on a pot of coffee and dropped some toast into the toaster when I saw the bowl of soup sitting on the counter.  I'd made soup 2 nights before, then Jay helped himself to left overs the night of the hike.  Only he forgot to put it back in the refridgerator when he was done.  My grandmother assures me since there is no meat in it and it was a cool night it'll be fine.  Just in case I'll be feeding every last drop to Jay.

After breakfast was done and I got side tracked unloading the dishwasher I had 45 minutes to work on the house.  Surely that was plenty of time to clean the window in the landing upstairs right?  It was a beautiful morning.  The birds were chirping, the sun was shining, the air was crisp.  Then out of the blue I hear a cow bawl.

With that I started to cry.  I haven't felt at home, really truly at home in a while.  I didn't realize what a country girl I was until the loud grunting of a cow completely took my stress away for the moment at least.  As I cleaned the rest of the window I felt very much like Snow White.

Dancing about the landing I my head was in the clouds - and I was actually getting work done.  Then I heard "Would the party with with 10 o'clock tee time please report to the golf club?  party with the 10 o'clock tee time." 

Okay so maybe I don't live out in the country any more, but at least its better than a beagle neighbor flanking every side of the house.  Its nice to at least be in a community where the houses are more spread out. 

We egg hunted, then we went back to my mother's house and played on the swing set, then we stuff our faces with steak and other yumminess.  Jay & I didn't head home until about 8:45 or so.  And I hadn't yet made my pasta salad for Easter dinner. 

I spent the next 3 hours being productive around the house and fell into bed at midnight.  Needless to say we skipped sunrise service, but did manage to make it to both Sunday school and regular service.  When we got to my mom's house we found the Princess laying on the couch with a damp cloth on her head - apparently she'd gotten brave on the swing set and fallen face first into the dirt. 

Not to be out done, the Little Man ran around the house and decided to grab onto the electric fence and not let go.  The Princess was crying harder than LM as she ran back to tell us what had happened.  It felt like an eternity as my dad was running toward him, yelling at him to let go.  When my dad finally reached him, he had to be pulled off -not sure if the current was holding him on or what. 

Let's see what else happened yesterday afternoon...

Please click to enlarge.  I'll wait.

The wardrobe malfunction.

Jay decided we needed to have family races - 100 yard dash to be exact.  My BIL was afraid of getting hurt so he backed out.  Jay and my two cousins were the only two in their "age bracket."  Michael (the one on the left in the black shirt) already suspected that Zack (the one on the right in the navy) would win.  He's an active 16 year old boy after all.

Not wanting to be last, Michael decided he was going to stop Jay from getting 2nd come hell or high water.  Moving faster than I've seen him move, he pushed himself for about 15 yards - long enough to grab ahold of the back of Jay's shirt and hold on.  Jay kept running so Michael hung on like he was skiing or something.

And that's the story of how my husband bared his hairy breast to all of my family.

So - how was your weekend?  Got a story to top that?


  1. love that picture! yall need to put that in a frame!!

  2. LOL that's hilarious! glad to see ya'll can have some serious fun in your old age! just kidding. :)
    looks like you had a great weekend! Happy Easter!

  3. Oh, weekends with family! They can cover such a spectrum of events and emotions can't they?!!

  4. HAHA! I love a little friendly (or maybe not so) family competition! We get downright violent when we all play "touch" football. More like slam-you-face-down-into-dirt football.

    Man...Taco Bell...it's been too long. LOL

  5. That electric fence story is scary!
    And you know I am a country-fied girl at heart too:)

  6. I hope your nephew is ok...that is pretty scary. That is a pretty funny shot...hope his ego is ok too.

  7. I've got nothing to beat that. I worked all weekend!
    I grew up on a farm and remember grabbing the electric fence and not being able to let go. It's a terrible feeling!
    Love the picture!

  8. I've got nothing to beat that. I worked all weekend!
    I grew up on a farm and remember grabbing the electric fence and not being able to let go. It's a terrible feeling!
    Love the picture!

  9. Wow! That's hilarious! I'm glad you had a nice & productive weekend, along with enjoying family time!!

  10. Just read your blog for the first time and joined to follow you. Perhaps you could take a peek at mine?

  11. Whoa....wait. I just saw something below about you being pregnant. I'll be right back.

  12. Okay, whew...I'm back. I was all ready to congratulate you and wish for twins!

    I really have nothing better for you...our Easter was pretty boring compared to yours!

  13. Wardrobe malfunction! Hilarious!!! Glad you had a good time.

  14. that picture is beyond priceless!

    sounds like a great weekend for the most part--yay!

  15. Oh how fun! I love your family! Races :). That is the best!
    I laughed about the cow moo making you feel at home : )
    And I felt sad that you are feeling so sad.
    I am glad you drank a dr. pepper. You are skinny.

    Great idea about feeding the soup to him just in case : )


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