February 18, 2009

Budgeting Spending Money

This past weekend was a busy and exciting one. Since everyone seemed to be enjoying our love story, I just decided to continue it yesterday to give myself a chance to catch up on everyone else’s blogs and get my CVS, Walgreens and Kroger deals for the week.

Friday I took off work to take my dad for his post-op doctor visit. He can now drive (it was the other knee), and is to start working himself off the crutches. If that goes well, he should be back to work with light duty next week.

While in K-town, I also did a little shopping. Stopped at the used book store and picked up some new reading material (One of which was Love and Respect – thanks for the recommendation Sarah!), then hit Ross, Marshalls, and Target, before heading to the mall for a quick trip in to JC Penny to see their winter clearance sales.

I never pay a dime at the used bookstore. I always limit my purchases to however much trade credit I receive with my returns. I had $40 this time! So I was able to get a whole cartful of books!

Ross, I got a little black dress – only $12 and it looks great on me, along with a white blazer. The blazer makes my waist look tiny and will allow me to wear those sleeveless sundresses to work. Marshall’s I spent $5 on a black DKNY top. I shopped Target for my niece’s birthday present (a bit early). I always get her a bikini, and they already had their selection out.

I found a new workout top at JC Penny for $5 (I get paid $50 every 3 months for working out) along with an adorable short sleeved sweater and a new pair of dress pants. Pants are a hard fit for me (small waist, big rear and thighs) so I was excited to find a pair that fit well for only $10.

It felt great to get out and buy new stuff just because – and I can do that because I budget splurge money every month. I know that we could save more each month if we didn’t have that, but budgets without some room just aren’t realistic.

My husband will dip whether it is in the budget or not. If he blows $60-80 a month on his dip (smokeless tobacco) I will resent him if I don’t get some money to “waste” myself. I typically save mine up and use it in one spurt like I did on Friday. And a new handbag will never give me oral cancer or make our insurance premiums go up!

It also helps him see just how much money he’s spitting away, when I come in with an armful of stuff that cost the same as his dirty habit.

Not sure if my system would work for you, but saving up my “dip money” for a shopping spree works for me!

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  1. I love going shopping and finding great deals. I totally agree with needing to spend a little now and then. It can be depressing when trying to budget and never getting to splurge.

  2. Hey there! Thanks for popping in my world.....glad you like my playlist. I do the same thing.....I have it playing all day. :)

    We have alot in common...God, family, saving money...and LOST! WOOT! Can't wait for tonight. If you visit my blog again.....check out my "3 Things This Thursday" posts that always include my Lost thoughts.

    From reading your post, it sounds like you scored some great deals...good for you!

    have a great day!

  3. I've been LOVING your love story! So cute!

    And great finds on your shopping trip. I got a really cute sweater from Kohls this weekend for $6 but I might be returning it, it clings a little tight to my thick waist :(
    - Katie

  4. I agree totally. Having a budget that sucks all the fun out of life, isn't something that will be successful. I think the whole point to having a budget is to train yourself to think before you spend. It is a bit of work but it creates a habit that saves money in the end.

  5. Great job hun!!!

    I'm about to quit smoking (God help me!!), and then I'll use that money on my new obsession - stamping!! Nicotine addiction is no joke. I hope your husband will quit soon too.

  6. Great way to save money!

    Check out my gif blog just started a contest for a $50 Gift Card.

  7. very cool...visiting from SITS. Love your blog!

  8. Ross, Target, JCP, that's some good shoppin'! Oh how I love a bargain. And I feel your pain about finding pants for a little waist/junk in the trunk...

    I feel the same way about Desmond!! I want him to stay home! I cried when he and Penny finally found each other! Haha

  9. Wow-awesome deals!!!! I love Marshall's and Target!

  10. Wow, sounds like you got some great deals! :D

  11. I am glad you found the book! I am sure it will be a great encouragement to you both. Sometimes I resent what I learned from it, I'd rather just "fight dirty" :-)
    My parents gave us some parenting messages by Chip Ingrim for Christmas. I am now reccomending those to everyone too, but you're not there yet.
    Be glad you have a waist! It's rather hard to shop when you don't!
    I am so glad you were able to find such great deals!!!!!


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