February 16, 2010

Choose your own adventure

Good morning! Today is my first day back from the long weekend - gotta love that President's Day Holiday.  I celebrated the great men of our country's past by taking it easy.  If I had a good weekend completely depends on perspective.

I spent a good portion of the weekend hating my body. 

So its either -

My body is a magician's attempt to saw a little boy, and a chunky woman in half, only he put the wrong pieces back together.


I have the body of an Olympic speed skater.

Seriously - look at one of those chicks next time they are on TV.  They've got this tiny upper body then the thighs of a body building man!

As for Valentine's day either -

My husband complained the whole time we worked the charity event, then just bought something at the silent auction just to give me a gift.  No matter that the present didn't have any of the cool features that I requested.


Jay and I attended a formal gala where he purchased a heart rate monitor (the gift I requested for Valentine's Day) in a silent auction.

You can see how this is stacking up right? 

So while I can sit back and tell you that most of my weekend sucked, its probably just a case of me being a spoiled little brat with PMS.

Moving a long to President's Day, either -

We lost power because my husband doesn't plan properly, nor does he document important decisions.


We spent a romantic evening snuggling and reading by candle light.

Here's the deal - when he turned the power on at the farmhouse, the utility company asked for a cutoff date for the rental.  Jay told them Feb 15th, then never thought another word about it.  Not even when I called him yesterday and told him the power was out.  "Maybe someone hit a pole on the next street up."

Our power goes out all the time for no apparent reason.  I'm one of those people who don't call it in because I assume the rest of the neighborhood has.  No point in bugging the crap out of them - its not going to get the power back on any faster. 

But after 2 hours of no power, I finally called it in.  At 5:01 PM. 

They promptly called Jay back and told him that the power was off because he told them to cut it off.  Due to the late hour they wouldn't be able to turn it back on until tomorrow.

Did I mention it got into the 20s last night? Thankfully the house is well insulated and we like to snuggle. 

I loaded the perishables in the Fridge in my rolly cooler and put it on the back porch.  Its cold enough that it'll be fine - unless a neighborhood stray cat or dog has learned how to unzip a zipper.

Since this is True Confessions Tuesday over at the sisterhood I'll leave you with one final confession.

Either -

I ate like crap all weekend, shoveling food into my mouth with reckless abandon.


I did a wonderful job of enjoying myself this weekend, without obsessing over weight loss or calorie counting.

So you see, the choice is up to you.

and that's no bull.

True Confessions


  1. Seriously. Love. This. Post.

    I choose Option B on all of them.

  2. This was a great read, Brooke! It really all does depend on your frame of reference, and how you choose to see things. I'm with Lisa - go with option B! Wow, what a great week!

  3. I love this post. Even though I haven't had any children yet I will pass along advice I get A LOT. You will LOVE those birthing hips when it comes time. That is just how our body was created. I have them also and I have to remind myself of that every time I get frustrated with them.

  4. Hahaha Love it!

    I'm the opposite when it comes to power. We lost ours during the storm and I phoned up our power company ASAP, because in my mind the more calls they get the more urgent they will think it is. :-) That and it's all automated, so I'm not bothering anyone, and if it's already been report they give an approximate time to expect it back.

  5. dude...great post! i find myself doing that in my head a lot (okay, i could look at it this way or that way...)

    just pray the power stays on for LOST! =)

  6. you are so clever...glad you enjoyed the weekend with your man snuggling!

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You are awesome, Brooke!!

    I feel like I might be destined to have a small upper body and manly hips/thighs. I keep getting thinner on top, but not so much on the bottom, which is crazy, because I am running so much. Whatevs.

    OMG, the electricity thing? That is TOTALLY something I would have done!! So did the neighborhood cat/dog get into your cooler?

    You made me laugh hard today, and I really needed that!!! Thanks :)

  8. It's all about how you spin things right? I like the half-full options myself.

  9. Very entertaining indeed! Loved the books of the same series, which is totally an aside.

  10. Ah, perspective truly is the key, isn't it?! You're so right and I bet this resonates with every single woman who reads this. Certainly does for me. Wouldn't it be nice if we could step back DURING the circumstance and see which ways we can spin it, rather than looking back and realizing we could have made a situation better by choosing a different view?

    But then, maybe you chose "B" all weekend, and you don't know what I mean!! ;)

  11. I'll go with the second answer!
    I do have to laugh about your electricity situation. That's one to laugh about years from now!

  12. I'm so a glass-half-empty person that I'd pick option A across the board, but since you are a much better person than that, I'm sure you've already gone with option B.

    Hopefully no neighborhood critters got into your cooler. We were camping once and a racoon figured out the latch on ours-for reals-friggin' critters :)

  13. I loved this. I am the same way. I often catch myself looking at something one way then realizing I could spin it a better way.

  14. This post has me singing, "You've got to accentuate the positive..." I say Option B is best, too! I love that you're looking for the bright side, b/c I think I'd just wallow in my PMS & gripe about stuff!!


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