February 17, 2010

The Shrinking Jeans Olympics

Shrinking Jeans Olympics

Today is weigh in Wednesday and since I didn't like what the scale said this morning I'm trying not to stress too much about the scale, I thought a little deversion would be in order.

Did you know that the Sisterhood is hosting its own Olympic competition?  Check it out over at The Hood.  While the games are already underway, there are new challenges daily, so its not too late to check in.

Can I admit to you that I'm nervous about tomorrow?  I decide to use this week as a week to change up my routine and add something different in.  So I signed up for the mini-triathlon.  10 laps in the pool, 12 miles on the bike, then 3.1 miles running. 

Am I crazy?  I'm having to take time off work to do this - what do you think?

(My gym pool doesn't open until 6 AM, and it'll take me at least 2 hours to complete - I have to be at work at 8.  The pool isn't open for lap swimming after 3:30 PM, which rules out after work.)

So why am I taking time off for a challenge I know I won't win?  Because it'll be a challenge just to finish, and I like a good challenge. 

Thankfully only 3 of us are crazy enough to tri have signed up for it so as long as I finish I'm pretty much guaranteed a medal.  And a bazillion calories burned.

Speaking of pushing myself....I took the plunge yesterday and signed myself up for the Disney Marathon!!!  I'm hoping to finish in about 5 hours, but since its over 10 months away I think its a little too early to set a time goal.

Okay now what...this post isn't long enough to hit "publish" yet, but continued typing would probably just cause a downward spiral into me complaining about my lack of weight loss, how I hate my body, etc. 

So what's a Option B girl to do?


Oooh - Over the weekend I got the new Beth Moore book!  For those of you unfamiliar with her work - she's the author of many in-depth Bible studies as well as a great speaker.  She takes one particular subject, then does an insanely thorough job of unpacking what the Bible has to say on that topic.

Her newest book?  So Long Insecurity, You've Been a Bad Friend to Us.

I bought (and finished) Galloway's Book on Running this weekend (found it for $1 at the flea market), so I'm excited to move on to this new book.  I just don't want to start it until I have enough time to really dive in.  This is a lesson I desperately need, and I don't just want to skim through it.

My mom also signed me up for the live simulcast she's doing on the same topic at my parents' church and am looking forward to that next month.

And in unreleated news, tonight some friends and I are checking out the newest show in town Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.   Unfortuantely, it won't be for a performance starring Melinda Doolittle, but it'll be fun none the less.

Now to figure out somewhere yummy, yet healthy for dinner before the show.

So how'd you do this weekend?  Blog all about it then link up over at the Sisterhood.


  1. Consciously taking the "Option B" approach AHEAD of time... I like it!! Good for you!

  2. i do have to say that when my workouts are longer than 2 hours, my body holds onto weight for a day or three. any triathlon, i actually GAIN weight after. didn't you work out for 2 hours yesterday?? you're doing great brooke, no matter what that scale says. you're seriously kicking ass. so don't listen to the scale. listen to what your body is saying when you're pumping that iron or running or all of those things that you do for hours upon hours every day. LOVE!

  3. Sending prayers your way my friend.

  4. Muscle weighs more then fat. With all that weight you’re pumping I’m not surprised to see a little bit of gain.

  5. Brooke - you totally rock! And taking time off for a mini-tri? Totally inspirational! Don't let the scale stress you out! You are doing awesome!

  6. Fun!!! I'm still debating on whether or not to do the Disney marathon...The main problem is that we're going there in August 2011, and we're saving up to buy a lot. Lol!!

  7. Lol, I most DEFINITELY will have people taking pics. My parents and hubby are coming, and one of my cousins from Baton Rouge may come, too!

  8. You are all shades of awesome! First for signing up for the Disney marathon! And second for the mini-tri! Good luck!!!

  9. Disney marathon!?? That's enough to make me want to run one! Haha

  10. You really are an inspiration to those of us who WISH they could do something like that but NEVER will. I admire your strength and will power!!

  11. So in awe that you're doing the mini-tri! I can't wait to see how that all goes down. And hurray for Disney!! I'm already looking forward to it! The race, of course, but mostly meeting Christie O and you and any others we nag into it!

  12. Please don't ever doubt and strong and capable you are. Please. You are amazing!

  13. What is this negative talk I am reading?! You have so much to be proud of, rock star. I am proud of you.

  14. I think the mini triathlon will be easy peasy for you. I'm excited that you're doing the Disney marathon!

  15. WOW! What an awesome post!

    Sorry your scale was naughty this morning :(

    On the other hand, LOOK AT YOU signing up for the mini-tri! I'm proud of you for getting out of your element!

    Also, I'm in a Beth Moore Bible study right now. The Patriarchs. LOVE IT. Love her. We did The Fruit of the Spirit last year. Again, love her! Glad you got the new book and get to "see" her :)

    Hope you enjoy the show tonight. I would LOVE to take my son to see it. They're studying Genesis right now in Awanas and are in the midst of Joseph right now! He's really diggin' it :)

    Have an AWESOME week, and sorry for the ginormous comment!!

  16. Girl....You ARE AMAZING!! I am wanting to read that book! I am sure we could glean all kinds of wonderful insight...I'm so proud of you for doing the tri tomorrow! Can't wait to see how you do...

  17. Wishing you success, this was my first visit.

    I'll check in and see how you do.

    Dorothy from grammology


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