February 04, 2010

This news update brought to you by...

The letter "S" for sleep, and the number 8, for how many ours of said sleep I'd like to get.

This week has been busy to say the least.  Jay and his parents have been working at the farmhouse all week.  I (sorta) feel bad for not heading there after work and joining them, but there is more at the rental for me to do. 

Last night's excitement included shopping for boobs (when you don't have them you gotta buy them), dryell, then never ending food prep.

***Every year Jay & I volunteer at a Valentine's Dinner & Dance to benefit Cystic Fibrosis research.  My boss has two children with CF, and we try to help out with as many fundraising events as we can.  Since I need a dress every year, I start my search for a great deal every year.  Part of it is fun, but at the end of the day the formal dress is just a uniform I need to work in.

I try not to spend too much money, so I hit after prom sales at the mall.  I also scope out the formal section at the Repeat Boutique sales.  I found this year's dress at Repeat two sales ago.  Its marked "designer" and I ended up paying only $12 for it.  (Its a size 0 and flares at the waist to accomodate my non-zero hips & legs.)

Background info: Since its a consignment store - all sales are final.  Also, the 70% off sales are so popular, they open up the back storage room as a community dressing room.  Under garmets are a must!

I got the dress home to try it on for Jay, only it didn't fit in the chest.  Apparently I'm a less than 0 chest size.  Since I couldn't take it back I was only left with one option - implants.

No, not the surgical kind.  The kind that you tape into the dress then tape the dress down.  This should be a fun experiment.

***Seriously - dry clean only on a pair of pants I want to take to a consignment store?  I'll spend more on the cleaning than I'll make.  Dryell to the rescue!!

***My other fun adventure last night had me elbows deep in chicken breasts.  Since a lot of the recipes I use call for cubed cooked chicken, I try to bake it in large quantities and freeze for easy use later.  That keeps me from being lazy and relying on a can of chicken from the pantry.

Only I've been lazy lately.  With the move so close, I'm trying to hold off on going to Sam's club until after the move.  Who wants to have to pack and move all that stuff from the rental to the farmhouse?  So I was down to 1 can in the pantry and no cooked chicken in the freezer.

I spent around an hour (not including baking time) preparing the chicken to bake.  Then once it was done, cutting  it up into bite size pieces, dividing it out into 6 servings (my frugalness hard at work - making 3 pounds of chicken work twice as hard), then vacuum seal and throw in the freezer.  Not to mention dishes.  I was too lazy to hand wash them, so I rinsed them out and threw them into the dishwasher even though they single handedly took up 1/4 of my dishwasher space.  A dishwasher that I had just unloaded.

By the time I was done I was ready to crash.  Sadly it was just shortly after 8.

***The 12" baseboard materials have arrived and are in the process of being made.  Jay showed me the sample yesterday.  They are going to look great!  The white will really make the yellow of the kitchen and the tourquise in the master bedroom pop.

***We had to get an electriction to move up the outlets.  The farmhouse is in two parts - the original house and the addition.  The original already has 12" baseboards, the addition did not.  The outlets in the addition would have prevented the 12 inchers being installed, so we had them moved up to accomodate the base.  While he was there we had him convert them all to white, and add GFI outlets in the bathrooms and in the kitchen.

***Jay is plugging the holes in the under-the-stairs/hot water heater area so that we can use it for storage.  There are currently corn cobs under there where a critter (or two or three) has gotten in and had dinner.  I don't wanna open my Christmas decorations come December and find said critter.

***Jay's mom worked yesterday on getting the stains off the wall paper.  I was a little leary of trying to clean it - I'm sure screwing up antique wall paper isn't hard.  I'm glad that I wasn't there when she did it.  Saved me a lot of anxiety.

I'm getting really excited.  This is really happening.  Jay & I are going to have a kick @$$ beautiful house!!!  We were hoping to move this weekend, but that's just not going to happen.  We've rescheduled moving day the weekend after Valentine's.  Hopefully we can have everything ready to go by then.

I know the suspence is killing you.  I promise before and after pictures, but you've just got to be patient and wait for us to get to "after". 

Sorry for the randomness, but my mind is too tired to focus on just one thing.  Hope you're having a great week!


  1. You HAVE been busy! I hope you'll take the time to rest when you can ~ sounds like you'll need it. It wouldn't do at ALL for you to be so run down that you were sick on moving weekend!!!!

    (I'm really looking forward to the pictures!)

  2. The suspense is killing me!! LOL I love to see before and after pictures.


  4. You did great! $12 for a formal dress?
    I need to see pictures of you in the dress and the house too!

  5. Wow, you have been busy! I didn't realize there were implants you could put in a dress! Interesting!!

    I bet your new house is gonna look amazing!

  6. I am so excited for you guys!! So much going on and it is all great! I can't wait to see the before and after pictures. I know is it gorgeous!!

  7. Shopping for boobs cracked me up. I call those implants chicken cutlets...which tie into all the chicken cooking you've been doing ;)

  8. Girl you have been so busy! But it will all pay off. You will be so happy when you can go to your freezer and quickly grab that chicken and when you can move into your new home and enjoy it!

  9. I completely understand about not having your own boobs! I buy my bras in the little girls' section :( I'm hoping you'll post pics of the formal dress!! I'm also really looking forward to the house pictures, but I'll try to be patient! You'll be so glad when you're in, but it's much better to have everything done first. Way to go on being patient!

  10. I can't wait to see this dress!
    and when I was smaller I had to fake boob it all the time. It's the one part of losing this weight that I'm not looking forward to. I finally filled out a b cup nicely...guess if I lose the belly, etc I also go back to barely a's...


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