February 03, 2010

Rethinking My Shrink - Week 5

Rethink Your Shrink!

If you heard my confession yesterday, you'll know I was expecting the scale to be kind to me this morning.  To be more accurate, I was hoping the scale would be nice to me, but fearful that it wouldn't budge.   Then where would I be?

My in-laws arrive late Monday night (after I was already in bed) and certainly wasn't up when I left the house yesterday morning at 6 AM - don't blame them, you've gotta be insane to get up that early.  Um.  Did I just call myself crazy?

Any way last night was the first time I've seen them since New Years.  They worked all day at the farmhouse helping Jay out.  Since I haven't seen them in over a month, I felt bad for going to bed at my normal 9:15.  I actually made it until 10 last night.

I was definitely paying for it this morning at 5:40 when my alarm went off.  By the time I got to the gym I was still just barely awake.  I groggily stepped on the scale and held my breath.  As exhausted as I was I knew I'd have a breakdown if I'd gained, or really even if I hadn't lost.

I looked down and saw...

Challenge goal weight: 124
Last week: 128
This week: 127.6

Seriously??  So it was almost half a pound, I can't be upset with that at least in my blog

I was going to use this week to see if 1650 calories is still what I need to eat to lose weight, and I'm still not sure.  I guess I'm going to keep it the same for another week or two and see what happens before I  it.

I have a million things running through my head as to why it was only 0.4 pounds.  Hopes - That I'm stressed like Jillian said last week and that's what is causing it to be so small.  Fears - that my body is adjusting to all the exercise and the calorie restriction and I'll have to work harder to see more of a result.

But for now, I'm not thinking about it.  Like I said give it another couple of weeks before I analize it to death.

And now...for what you've really all been waiting on - pictures of the hooker boots!!!

This is a pair given to me by my mother.  Not sure if a pair of boots originally worn by a Sunday school teacher in a classroom of 4 year olds can be called "hooker boots" but that's what I consider them.  Crazy thing, even in a pant size 4/6 my calves are big enough that I struggle to get them zipped.  I'm not sure who they were designed to fit.

These are the more hooker-y of the two.  Higher heel, more sassy design.  Unfortunately, I've worn these to death and the fake suade is coming off these K-Mart blue light specials.  I know, if they were true hooker boots it would have been a red light special, but I was too cheap to pay for a different colored bulb.

Also, I was asked about the signs on my bathroom mirrors.  They are just further proof that my husband and I are that sappy sweet couple who requires those around them to have airsick bags.

In the rental, we have a double bowl vanity, and have the sign to us taped above our sink.  Not sure what we'll do with the signs when we move into the new house and just have a single sink in the master.

For the grande finale...

This is what a Sisterhood hooker looks like after getting up at 5:30 to work out, working out again at lunch, grocery shopping after work, then trying on/taking pictures of a stack of clothing for blogging purposes.  Try not to be too scared.


  1. I think you are doing awesome! I so want a pair of good boots like that! Your notes with your and your husband are so cute!

  2. lookin good hooker! That is awesome, even though it blows your mind, it must be where your body wants you to be!

    Love the boots too, I have a pair of Nine West ones that I can't get zipped up either...be careful not to pinch the skin....cause that REALLY REALLY hurts!

  3. You are so funny! I love reading your blog, even when its just about the everyday goings on in your life! lol.......and congrats on the .4 lbs...its a LOSS!!! Love the hooker boots!

  4. adorable -U, the signs &the boots!! :)

  5. Congrats on the loss, Brooke! You're so close to where you want to be, it's going to be slow going. But you're going in the right direction.

    Thanks for posting the boot pics -- love them! I love that your first pair were given to you by your mom!

  6. LOVE the hooker boots! I have me a few of those too!

  7. new to your blog...those love notes are presh! i like the second pair of "hooker boots"!

  8. Love your 'hooker' boots!! And anyone who can wear a size 4/6 can not have huge calves...just not possible! You are beautiful -- even at 5:30 a.m.!!

  9. You and your husband are so fracking cute with the notes! I might have to try that :)

    Love the boots-and it is so unfair that tiny little you can't get boots to zip. No matter how small I get, I have the same problem.

  10. love the hooker boots. I wear mine all the time and I teach 5th grade at a Christian school!!
    They look so great with skirts and dresses. Rock it out.

  11. I have to agree with everyone else, love your boots and the notes to your hubbie. We used to do that too. Thanks for the reminder. I have never had boots like that but maybe when I am closer to a healthy weight I will buy some like that.

  12. Love love love the boots!

    And a loss, is a loss, is a loss!!

  13. I wondered about the notes, but I figured they were motivation notes or something! I'm sure you'll find a great place for the notes at the new place!

    You look cute at the end of a long day! I usually look all washed out & drained!!

  14. any weight loss counts! and I was cracking up at your blue light special comment...to cheap to buy a different colored bulb...lol

  15. I don't think those boots look hooker-ish to me. I love that you have signs for each other...adorable!

  16. You are so cute!! LOVING all the hooker boots.

    And you and Jay??? Get a room! :)

  17. You know what you're doing with the weight loss. I'm not even gonna say nothin' about that.

    But dude. THE BOOTS! Holy Hooker, Batman!


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