February 19, 2010

Monday Project delayed

Okay I had this really cool awesome post planned out in my head - I even took pictures for it last night.

Only my husband is a craphead, and transferring pictures for me doesn't rank as high on his priority list as giving himself oral cancer whilst reading how we're all doomed on the Ron Paul message boards.

Let's all take a moment to shoot him dirty looks.

Okay so that didn't work, but I am buying myself a cheap digital camera so this doesn't happen in the future.  He says "oh you can just use mine" but what good is using his if I have to wait several days for him to get me the pictures?

Having said that I don't wanna do the post without the pictures, so I guess this will just be homework I'm turning in late.

Speaking of late homework...I did something yesterday that I've never done before swam, then biked, then ran - the Sisterhood Olympics Mini-Tri!!!!

500 meter swim
12 mile bike
3.1 mile run

I'll have to tell you that 10 laps in the pool was the hardest by far.  I'm not a swimmer, never have been.  When I was little I learned how to splash around, stay afloat, and propel myself from one side of the pool to another.  But actually swimming, not a single lesson.

Side note: any parents of smaller children I beg of you get your child real swimming lessons!!  Its seriously no fun having to learn how to do this stuff as you're approaching your 30th birthday.

A few months back I bought a rockin' Nike suit to try my hand at swimming.  With a body like mine, one piece suits make me look like one of those 5 year olds at the pool.  You know the ones, they've got a little pudge in the belly region but they haven't started to develop "up there".

Yep that's me in a one piece, belly-bigger-than-her-boobs-blob.  Two pieces are much more flattering.  They mostly come with underwire and give the illusion that I have something.

A two piece like this, however is not condusive to lap swimming.

(I would have had a picture of the Nike sport suit but well...)

*Glares again at Jay*

Any way the swim sucked but I finished in under 30 minutes so I was happy.  Then it was on to the bike section.  It was on the recombant bike, which I hate but its the only one they have in the fitness center and I wasn't about to bike in 40 degree temps with a wet head. 

By the time it got to the run I was getting excited - only 5K left and I had really done it!  The first laps of the run sucked, but by the last two I was really pushing it. 

My goal for the entire mini-tri was to come in under 2 hours - which I totally did!!!

Now I'm looking into doing a sprint tri on May 31st.  Now to work on the whole breathing while swimming thing!

PS - next week I'm skiing and will give you the full report on that "something new" too!!


  1. Oh your post had me laughing as usual! Craphead!

    You rock for completing your Shrinking Jeans Tri! And I totally suck. If there was a competition for couch potato, I'd be in a medal winning position. I cannot tear myself away!

    Way to go on your workout!

  2. Good job, dude!

    I LOVE swimming...and love how it uses nearly every muscle you have and makes your arms and legs feel like jelly after some hard laps!

  3. You are awesome and Jay is a craphead (not really) but hurry up and get your own camera so we can see pics of your gorgeous self.

    I am so proud of you!!!

  4. Congrats! Once again: you rock! & I completely understand about the belly bigger than the boobs {I think I've mentioned what section of the store I buy my bras!} I'm a tankini fan, since I don't have YOUR abs!! I can't wait for the pics & post that you were planning if only you didn't have to wait on someone else's assistance! *glare* :)

  5. Oooh, skiing?!!! That sounds like so much fun!!!!

    I love being in water...not so much swimming laps, though, lol! I may start trying to pick that up after the halfie, however...

  6. You are awesome! On so many levels. I am such a wuss when it comes to swimming and that is not something I can leave the kids on the sidelines while I do. So no tri for me. I'll just stick to the running. Have I mentioned that you are awesome? Yeah, because you are. And you look great in a bikini, babe!

  7. I've thought about taking adult swim lessons b/c I'm just like you - I can get around but swim a lap, forget about it.

    PS: What do you think about this past Lost? I'm still confused why Kate was left off the numbers.

  8. You crack me up! Does your husband read this blog?

    Good job on your swimming. I didn't really learn as a child either -it would have been much easier. Keep it up - YOu are doing GREat!!!!

  9. thats awesome. I am a terrible swimmer as well. I can splash around and have fun, but when it comes to doing laps--- uhh it is killer.

  10. You are smokin' hot in that little red bikini! Too bad Jay was a poopyhead and didn't get your pictures uploaded for you. Maybe you could have him read your post and guilt him into it :)

    Way to go on finishing your tri-you are a rockstar!

  11. You are so amazing. Look at you go. Wow. I laughed my head off of your description in a one piece : ) Funny as can be : )

  12. You did AWESOME!!! I'm so proud of you for doing the tri!! I totally understand what you are saying about waiting to have the hubby do things for you....I have given up trying to get my dh to do anything for me unless he has a vested interest in it!! Just buy a cheapo camera. Your life will be so much easier!

  13. The "craphead" is alive and well and thanks to Brooke using her MOM'S camera I am now able to upload pictures! :-) Still haven't been able to locate the gadget I use to read the small memory card from my camera. Why can't they just make them all the same size?!


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