February 26, 2010

My Bank

The Monday Project

Christie had an excellent post on Monday about "the bank". 

When it’s in the bank that means you can draw from it — FOREVER. When you face adversities in your workouts, running in the rain or the cold or the heat or the wind or you swim in cold water or maybe you didn’t get any sleep and you work out anyway or you forget to bring your socks to the gym or you work out on an empty stomach — whatever it is, environmental, physical, mental, whatever you face goes right into the bank. And you can draw on it forever.

Races and PRs are definitely bankable items for me.  I know I can run 13.1 miles.  I know that I can run 5K in around 32 minutes - even if my training times don't reflect that.

Thinking about the Disney Marathon and possibly a triathalon in May, I start to doubt myself.  Those are lofty goals, what if I don't have it in me.

Whenever I vocalize doubts that like a good friend reminds me - running my first 5K in less than 34 minutes was a lofty goal but I still did it.  Running a half marathon 6th months after my first 5K was a pretty big stretch but I did it.

My bank doesn't just extend to exercise.  "If I can bungee jump - I can zipline."  And I did.

I'm going to keep telling myself - "if I can zipline, I can learn to ski."  Tonight I'm headed to Ober for my very first ski lesson, several of my coworkers will be going - including my boss who has graciously offered beginners lessons. 

The question for the week was what have you banked this week to draw on in the future.  On the surface (besides my fun tonight) my week doesn't look like much.  A few weights sessions, a couple runs, a spin class & a swim aren't anything terrible out of the blue for me.  The hike I'm doing tomorrow (assuming I'm don't injure myself tonight) isn't all that noteworthy - I've been to Gregory's Bald before, although we are taking a different trail up.  Looks like I'm out on the hike since we've still got quite a bit of work to do around the house.  Suck.

But the habit I'm in of doing 7-10 workouts a week is definitely bankable material. 

Then again getting back into the habit of spin class and swimming has provided me some bankable material this week.

Not to mention my heart rate monitor - I was disappointed that it didn't have a timer or a calorie burn counter built in for me.  But I love keeping track of my heart rate to know how hard I'm pushing myself.  5.7 MPH on the treadmill might not be fast for you, but my heart rate is 180 so I know that I'm not phoning it in. 

And how bout that 3.6 pound loss this week?  As much as I fight and get frustrated with myself I need to remember this moment and never let myself quit.  Just keep pushing!

Last night I attended a group run with the friend that originally got me started running and her husband.  I always go into thinking what a fun social event it will be.  Like last night we got to test run a new pair of New Balance trainers.  Afterward we all headed over to Buffalo Wild Wings for some good eats and drinks.

What did I bank from the run itself?  That I'm not a fan of group runs.  I get the point - to have a running partner, see new scenery, and (if you're like me) challenge yourself to step up your pace.  The problem?  I don't know the area so my friend has to stick with me - only she runs a bazillion times faster than me.  (She's more of a 9/9:30 m/mi I'm a 11:30 kinda girl.) 

I'm not mentally tough enough to be wheezing and gasping for breath, then when I apologize hear "no problems, this is just an easy, social run."  Easy my @$$.  Last night we went out quicker than I'm use to (I'd guess around a 10 m/mi) and by mile 2 I was hurting.  Coming back was seriously slowed, and we ended up with just under a 12 minute mile pace.

I'll probably group run again, assuming that I don't catch a case of the "I suck"s.  Can a negative thing be banked?

Then again, we did go to Buffalo Wild Wings afterward, where I had a major victory.  I walked into the restaurant with only 460 calories left to consume.    For those who don't count calories, a typical dinner for me runs between 500-600 calories.  If I'm going out, I usually have to tweak it to give myself more.  The reason places like Applebee's advertises having 500 and under calorie meals?  For a restaurant they are rare.

So what did I do?  Sent a panicked email to April asking for help.  I wanted wings and beer.  Without some sort of game plan, I knew I would walk out having consumed 1,000+ calories of said items.  As usual, her plan was brilliant, and I walked out of there with 62 calories remaining for the day.

What'd I have?  A salad, no cheese no crutons, w/25 calorie dressing that I brought with me and 6 naked wings with medium sauce on the side.  Oh, and a beer.  Miller 64 to be exact.  It was perfect.  I went in, ate what I wanted (sort of) and walked out completely stuff without an ounce of guilty.

Let's face it, the breaded and fried wings may taste good as their going down, but they are totally not worth the guilt they bring later.

I can walk into a restaurant armed with healthy alternatives to my favorites and walk out with out the guilt.  That's totally banked!

What about you?  What have you banked this week?


  1. Way to go on your eating choices! I am so jealous about the skiing lessons. I think that would be so much fun!!!

  2. I need to bank some of your will power. Good for you! Have fun skiing!

  3. i think negative items are DEFINITE BANK material! One of my best bankable items was the time I fudged up the swim last season at the tri. But then I came back hard, pushed through the bike and the run and still made my goal time. Negatives actually give you power for next time! It arms you! Congrats on the group run, it's tough to train in groups but it does make you better. On one of my rides, everyone smoked me and they were always stopping to wait for me. We rode 23 miles that day in the cold windy rain and even though I was slower than everyone, I was still faster than I usually am, so it was a victory for me! The people in your group just care that you're there and helping you get better -- they have ALL BEEN THERE before in some capacity! So don't worry! Their speed will push your speed! It's a good thing! Congrats on all you've banked this week!

  4. Oh, I needed this, especially going into my 13.1 weekend!!! =D

    What's in my bank?

    I CAN and HAVE run 10 miles. And I could have done it faster.

    I CAN run uphill...but I won't need to for my halfie.

    I CAN run 10 miles without more than lifesavers to hold on...and I'll have more.

    I HAVE been running for six months and am in fantastic shape (minus the multiple sweets I eat, lol!).

    I CAN and WILL finish this half marathon and will scream, "FINISH STRONG" (from Drew Brees) as I cross the finish line.


  5. Thanks for the comment! I do love watching my boys play baseball. How's the house coming, can't wait to see more pictures. You've done great this week! You are inspiration to all of us. One of these days, I'm going to get off my butt and do something besides jumping up and down at the TV while watching Mens US Hockey team during the Olympics or Astros baseball!

  6. Glad to know I am not alone in my kate-hate, haha! And nice job with your eating choices...I would be lying if I said I didn't eat TWO skinny cow ice cream bars last night. Eh well, at least they're only 100 calories! Haha

  7. I agree with Christie, negatives are bankable because teach us what to do and not do in the future! Wow!! What a great week of bankable moments!! You did AWESOME going out to eat with less than 500 calories left for the day and you didn't BLOW it like you so could have!! What a great week!

  8. Way to go making smart choices at BW3s, it so easy to fall into the trap once you are there!

    I am laughing at the casual run...yeah right now that doesn't exist to me. Your run would probably make me pant and gasp like you were. You'll get there...look how far you have already come!

  9. Brooke, I know I've said it so many times, but you come a long way, baby!!! I love all your bankable experiences, and yes, the negative ones are sometimes the biggest deposits!

    The thought of you and April emailing back and forth about wings and beer makes me smile. She's awesome, and I love her so much!!! Glad you were able to walk out with your head held high and calories left over to boot! VICTORY!!!!!!!

  10. Way to go, Brooke!!! I know what you mean...our local running group's web site says they do an "easy" 5 miles at a 10 mph pace, which I can hit but not consistently, and not for 5 miles. Yet. :-)

    Hope you enjoy your ski experience; it sounds like you'll be having a lot of fun, especially since you're in good shape.

  11. Way to go on the food choices at b-dubs last night, and for trying the group run. I'm with you on that one and really have a case of the "I sucks" (negative bank?). I hate feeling like I'm dragging someone down, but it sounds like your friends are really supportive and will help to make you a better runner.

    Have an awesome time skiing!

  12. great post! great choices and way to stick to your plan. group runs are tough. everyone just has to kind of agree to go at their own pace -- but then, you want to push yourself TOO. I always go out too fast when I am running with someone and then feel defeated when I can't keep up. But I am working on it, too!

  13. the eating thing is hard for me. i start of determined, but when i slip up once, i think, o i messed up this day is blown and i just eat whatever i want.
    not a great way to go about losing weight.

  14. Wow, I'm impressed...it would be really hard for me to stick to my guns in a situation like that. I would've eaten the wings and then dealt with the guilt later...which explains why you're 125 lbs and I'm not.

    BTW, I read you recent comment on my blog to my husband (about the BC pills) and he couldn't stop laughing! Our kids are the poster children for birth control!


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