February 12, 2010

Rethink Monday Project

Rethink Your Shrink, The Monday Project

This week's Monday Project is reviewing the past challenge.  Have I been rethinking things? 

What happened over the past 7 weeks?

A quick summary, I worked out quite a bit.  44 times since the first of the year to be exact.  I was hit or miss on the eating - my aunt's 80th birthday, the Super Bowl, the in-laws in town.  I didn't shrink, at all.  I definitely did rethink my motivation and what prompts me to keep at it.

Did you find victories? Did you find non-scale victories?

Non-scale were the only victories I found.  The biggest one was my new PR at the Race Against Racism 5K.  I did my usual crying fit, but the victory came when I was able to pull myself together and show my family, that nasty cough, and myself that nothing was going to hold me back.

Did you do something you’ve never done before? (And in a good way?)

No...not yet.  I'm planning on skiing for the first time every in two weeks.  I'm a little nervous that I'll hurt myself, but I'm looking forward to it.  And you know without a doubt you'll get the full report.  Also, I'm looking forward to trail running at the wild life preserve once we get moved into the house.

How much did you lose?

Nada.  I think I'll survive.

How much did you gain in knowledge and preparation?

Quite a bit.  Learning how to improve myself, yet be happy with who I am is still a hard journey for me.  It'll take more than a few weeks of working on it.  I am, however, thankful for this challenge getting the ball rolling.

I also gained strength.  Not the mental, theoretical "maybe I'm not a fat ass" kind.  But pure brut strenght.  Okay so maybe that's exagerating a bit.  I'm definitely lifting more now than I was when I started.  I don't think I'm eating enough to build muscle, but I'm definitely building strenght.  I squatted 120 this morning! 

Did you like this challenge?

I totally loved this challenge.  I think so much of diet and exercise is mental, I hope more challenges to come incorporate more brain power!

Time for you to report in!! 


  1. You have learned alot and you also work hard. Great job. Have fun skiing...you're much braver than me.

  2. I'm sure you'll be great at skiing! I can understand your nervousness ~ I'm SURE I'd hurt myself!! :)

  3. Great job, Brooke! You are so brave to try skiing-I'm sure you will rock at it-have fun!

  4. Skiing sounds exciting. I'd be too afraid to try. I'd probably be the only adult on the kiddie trail. lol.

    Be proud that you stuck with the challenge. The weight loss will come.

  5. yes you are building muscle, yes indeedy! it takes a little time to show but you are! you rocked this challenge, even if it didn't show up on the scale (to which i say, so what!?) xo

  6. You should be proud of your self!! You always work hard and start what you finish! Keep up the great work!!

  7. You are seriously kicking butt with those workouts!!!

    You should try snowboarding instead of skiing...so fun!!!

  8. You did amazing with this challenge! So proud of you!


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