February 24, 2010

WIW - Spring Fling!

Sisterhood Spring Fling Challenge

Today starts the first Day of the Sisterhood team challenge.  I'm super excited to get started, but first some Olympic challenge house keeping.

There is a tiny little matter of the medals I won.  *runs to twitter to make sure she won something*

I won 2 bronze medals in the Shrinking Jeans olympics:

Shrinking Jeans Olympics

  • completing 96 pushups in 3 minutes
  • cycling 6 miles in 24:10
I claimed 3 silvers:

Shrinking Jeans Olympics

  • holding a wall sit for 5:36
  • running in the 4 X 1 mile relay (team time 37:36)
and the medal (of any color) I'm most proud of...
  • completing the mini-tri (swim 500M, bike 12 miles, run 3.1 miles) in 1:54:30
Finally for my gold stash:

Shrinking Jeans Olympics
  • 1/2 marathon relay (or 3.28 miles each) team time 2:17:05
  • crunches in 3 minutes 224
Now on to the future challenge.  It looks like the teams haven't been put up yet, but since I've got a busy day ahead of me I'll get on with the way in.  (Please forgive me if I don't get to your blog today.  I'll try to catch up tomorrow I promise!)

Last week: 129
This week: 125.4
Goal weight: 120

I lost 3 and a half pounds!!  Not sure what that was about - I don't think I really lost that much in fat.  Maybe it was water weight, maybe it was whatever I was holding on to from stress.  Or maybe (just maybe) I've been doing it right for a few weeks and it took changing things up with the Olympics to really push my body to get rid of that fat.

Who really cares - I lost over 3 pounds!!!

*does happy weight loss dance*

Now my goal weight doesn't seem so lofty and impossible any more.  Plus I'm banking this for motivation in the future.  When weight loss is stagnant and I want to give up or compromise my goals - just keep pushing.  It will happen.

Never give up.  Never surrender!!

So, how'd you do this week?  I'd love to come celebrate with you (or encourage you if you had a bad week - it'll get better, you can bank on that!)


  1. can you send some motivation my way? lol. Congrats on the loss!!

  2. I found those 3.5 pounds for you! Great job on all your medals, you clearly worked very hard for the 3 1/2 pound loss! Great job!!

  3. Great job, Brooke! Wow, you cleaned up at the olympics -- kudos to you!

  4. Woohoo!! Way to go!! We're on Team B together, and I thought I'd come over to say HI!!! :D

  5. Over 3 pounds!!! That is WONDERFUL. And look at all the awesome medals that you were awarded. You truly are an amazing person.

  6. Way to go!! You are awesome! I love the medal idea :-)

  7. WHOOOOOOOO*FREAKING*HOOO!!!!! U ARE AWESOME!!! congrats on all your medals & wl!!!

  8. Awesome job Brooke....on the medals and loss this week!

  9. I'm cheering you on from here. Hooray for all your medals and the weight loss!

  10. You can't beat that!! A HUGE loss and medals to boot!! You are some kind of ROCK STAR!! Way to go, girl!

  11. You kick ass girl. We are on Team B together. Hopefully some of that enthusiasm will rub off on me.

  12. Yeah!!! Congratulations on the medals and the 3 lbs lost!!!

  13. Awesome job on the loss-I'm sure it was a combo of you doing the right things and all that moving last weekend.

    And-that was quite the collection of (virtual) trinkets you won!

  14. You are a stinkin ROCKSTAR!!!!!!!!!! WOW! Can I be you when I grow up?! Great job!

  15. Congrats on the medals!! & on the weight loss, too ~ I bet changing things up is what did it! I'm still anxious to see some house pictures!!

  16. Holy crap, girl!! You should have saved that for NEXT WEEK. ;p

    Way to go!

  17. Look at all that bling, girl! And three pounds? Shoot.


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