February 01, 2010

Finally - the Deal Post!

Not this past weekend but the one before, I went to the Repeat Boutique 70% off sale. There are really only two days a year I go to this store for the winter 70% off sale and the summer 70% off sale. Because, let's face it, I'm too cheap to spend $15-$20 on a pair of used pants.

I don't care if they are in good condition and would have been $60 new in the store. When you start taking 70% off that $15, now we're in business.

In trips past, I go in looking for pants coming out with $100 worth of really inexpensive tops. Pants have always been a difficult fit for me, which I think most pear shaped women will attest to.

This year would be different, I told myself. Although I feared it wouldn't be. I'm a different size - I've changed the shape of my body somewhat. Also, I'm armed with the knowledge of what brands fit me and what don't.

I live in the outlet store capital of the world, and I've come to learn that Gap and Banana Republic fit me well. I've also learned that I'm a size 4 in both brands. 

We arrived about 20 minutes before the doors opened - this is very much one of those arrive early so you can get a place in line and wait for the doors to open kinda sale.  When the doors finally opened, I made a bee line for the trousers.

After trying on 3 times as many as I actually purchased, here's what I ended up with.

A pair of more casual American Eagle pants.  While I can wear them to work, I also thought they would be good for hiking in the winter.  The zippers just below the knees don't create the most flattering line on my short stubby little legs, but they are a practical, heavy duty pant.

A pair of Ann Taylor LOFT cord khakis, even though these are size 4s they are a little baggy.  I'm not sure if that's just the cut of the pant or if that's what happens when you get into the world of more pricey name brands.

These Banana Republic pinstripe pants are my pant of choice for today.  They are a somewhat awkward length - too long for flats yet slightly too short for hooker heels.  Boots would probably be a good middle round with them.

A pair of more casual green Banana Republic pants that are a little less fitted than the dress slacks.

These are definitely pants for flats, but I loved the pin stripe in them.

Okay so maybe in this picture it looks like a couch, I promise they are cute in person. 

I've never heard of the Madison brand, but I thought these chocolate pants would be cute on a more casual day.  They are size 6 and fit well everywhere but the waist.  As per my usual with pants Typical of the problem I use to have with pants, they do have some gaping in the waist, but nothing that can't be belted.

From the dress pants section, I moved to the jeans.  Since I have shrunk - thanks to my Sisters - I only have two pair of jeans fit me.  One pair is baggy, and the other pair fit well and I have no clue how I stuffed my sausage legs into them 10 pounds ago. 

I found a couple pair of jeans, both fairly casual.  Ooh, I forgot that I bought a pair of dressy jeans at Planet Xchange a month or so ago.  Obviously not much in my life calls for dressy jeans, since I haven't worn them since buying them and had forgot about owning them.  Here are my two new pair of casual jeans.

These are J. Crew (size 4 - gotta love those expensive brands).  Not quite as flattering in the picture as I wanted them to be, but they'll do.

And my Aeropostale size 5/6!  Totally exciting for me because I've never had luck buying brands that are aimed toward teenagers.  But here I am - and a 5/6 no less!!

The all of pants averaged about $5 per pair.

I ventured toward the skirts, but didn't have as much success there.  I found one skirt that fit me well, but since it was a designer label it was a bit more pricey.

Jay wasn't thrilled with me sharing my belly button with the world, but I suppose he'll get over it.  Even with the discount, the skirt was still $20.  In a land of $5 pants, $20 is a lot to spend on a skirt.  Even if it is wool.  Apparently the designer label makes the skirt more valuable.

Since the label is what was so expensive, I might as well show it off too right??

I only found one dress that worked for me.  It was a medium, but since it was a wrap dress I made it work.  Plus it'll be something workable in my closet if I ever unshrink.

I can do quite a bit with the dress - make it more casual for work, make it more conservative for church, or dress it up for date night.  (If Jay and I ever have one that is!)

Finally, I got a belt.  With strictly utilitarian purposes in mind, I found this cute belt for just $1.

Being the pear that I am, I have trouble with my pants gaping in the back.  Belting the pants, causes a bulge in the front, when I try to lay my blouse over top the belt buckle.  I figured a belt like this with a tiny little buckle was the perfect solution.

I walked out of the store that day spending slightly less than $75 after tax.  Needless to say I was incredibly please.

So there you have it.  I hope it was worth the wait!!


  1. WOW!! That's amazing you got all of that for $75! I'm jealous! If I come up to Tenn. anytime soon, I want to go shopping with you!!

  2. Hole cow...you got some great deals! I want to go shopping with you!

    Oh and you look soo tiny in that red dress Miss B. Wait for the wolfe whistles! (Jay should be more concerned with that LOL!!!)

  3. That is unbelievable...you have the shopping GIFT! haha!

  4. Awesome job shopping!!! I love the dress!!!

    Before you totally ditch all your old clothes, you might want to box some up for went you get pregnant. It might help save some time (and money) on a ton of maternity clothes. Plus, then you'll have 'real' clothes to wear after the baby. Until you lose the pounds that is. :-)


  6. I love love love all the new clothes! You need to find me some good deals too :-)

  7. All great deals and super cute. love the dress and skirt. I should have went and picked some things up for my daughter...dang it! When is the next sale?

  8. Love love the red dress on you! Thanks for the fashion shoe - very creative way to take pictures.

  9. You did great! You look so cute in that dress and I love the Banana Republic pinstripe pants too.

  10. Great finds! The dress looks amazing you!! I even love your picture taking skillz! I would have fallen in the tub over and over and over!

  11. I LOVE that you're standing on the tub. Love it.

  12. Good work! I am so impressed. I think you are my new shopping hero.

  13. NO WAY!!!! All that for $75...wow!! That is awesome! Everything looks SO cute...I especially love the red dress! It's very flattering on you!

  14. Yay! Awesome bargain shopping! I think I have the ones that look like a couch (are they GAP?), & they ARE cute in person! Great job! Thanks for posting the pics!!

  15. Wow! Talk about getting some clothes on the cheap! Great job!

    What's the note on your mirror say? : )

  16. that's GREAT! I love love love the red dress--you look ah-MAZing in it!

    perhaps I'll reward myself with a thrift shop spree when I lose this weight--what a great plan!


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