October 28, 2008

Bullet point heaven

okay so from now till the wedding i don't see myself getting to do more than bullet point updates. prayers for me and mr. right would be greatly appreciated.

*the bestman officially backed out, so mr. right's dad will be filling that role.

*mr. right found out Sunday night that his hourly independant contractor work ends on Nov. 1st. He's straight commissions after that.

*mr. right has clients coming in this weekend, so he won't be able to go out of town with me as we had planned to visit some of my friends.

*today is marriage license day!

*we hung the pictures in the new house last night, everything looks good but the master bedroom and that blue/green is a difficult color to match. i'm thinking minimalist for its decor. the color on the wall is decoration enough.

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  1. Good luck with everything! I'm praying that all goes perfect on your special day!


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