October 09, 2008

Things I Love Thursday

I could make an entire list of things that I love. Maybe Rachel won't get annoyed with me for stealing her bullet list idea.

*Mr. Right, for trying very hard to break his addiction to smokeless tobacco
*Taking a night where all we do is watch a movie together (no wedding or house work)
*30 days till the wedding
*My super-duper organization skills that have me only 14 things on my The Knot checklist, which include "tell your parents you love them, this is a sad day for them" and "relax & enjoy your day"

But I know that she was looking for a product so...

*looks around desk*

So this week's "Things I love Thursday" item is Bath and Bodyworks Deep Cleaning Antibacterial Handgel. For when gross people come into work and hand me stuff. Or when I sneeze (which happens a lot).

Check out the Diaper Diaries for more products people love.


  1. I don't mind. Bullets are a blogger's best friend.

  2. Yes. but I love it cuz I can't always get to a bathroom to wash my hands after changing the DD's diaper.

  3. That stuff is great. I love the bullet points though. When you are planning a wedding any night that you can spend together without talking about the wedding is a HUGE blessing :)

  4. Bath and Body stuff rocks. It just makes me feel so yummy. And I'm not!
    Congrats on the upcoming nuptials. And we are fellow Tennesseeans.


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