October 07, 2008

Shower gift vs Wedding gift

In this area, you take a gift to the shower if you are invited instead of the wedding. If you aren't invited to the shower (or can't attend for some reason) you just take the gift to the wedding.

So it wasn't until I decided to marry a Yankee that the thought of two gifts ever crossed my mind. Apparently its customary up there to send a gift to the shower, then a gift card or money to the wedding.

I considered the fact that his mother is very generous and maybe that is practiced by her alone. Until yesterday. A family friend of Mr. Right had given us a Target gift card for our shower gift. Then yesterday, we received their RSVP card regretfully declining, and a visa gift card in the mail.

How cool is that?

*desperately hopes that I'm not the only one in bloggy land that has never heard of this phenomon


  1. WOW!!! I wish my hubby had been from up north, too!! Lol!!

  2. Yeah, I'm beginning to wish my hubs was a Yankee too!

  3. I'm a Northerner and had no clue you didn't give a shower and a wedding gift. Man, I'd save some money being a southerner!! :)


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