October 20, 2008

The final nail in the coffin...

Yesterday former Secretary of State Colin Powell came out in support of Barack Obama for President. If members of your own party don't support him, how does Sen. McCain expect to win the White House?

Not that I blame Powell for not being wowed by McCain, I'm not his biggest fan myself. But some of the things Obama positions on important issues (Like the Born Alive Protection Act) could never allow me to cast my vote for him either.

That's why I've decided to vote 3rd party this year. Now I'm not saying that I think Chuck Baldwin has a chance. But I do feel its my duty as an American citizen to vote. And the idea of choosing between the lesser of two evils doesn't sit well with me. So while on paper its a vote for Pastor Baldwin, in reality its my way of saying America has better than the two candidates we're being asked to choose from.

I am not an uninformed voter, as a lack of voting this November would suggest. I am a voter that is so informed, she couldn't in good conscious request that either of the major party candidates be put into office.

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