October 03, 2008

Melt Down

After planning a wedding for the past 5 months and planning a move for about 4 of those same months, I've reached my boiling point.

I was so excited last night to get all my kitchen boxes unpacked. For the final time I wiped down the "work zone" counters and scrubbed the "paint brush cleaning" sink. Its now my kitchen.

I was thrilled as I started making a checklist in my head.

Living room - done
Kitchen - done
Dining room - waiting on table and china cabinet to be moved this weekend
Library - done (for now)
Guest bedroom - up to Mr. Right (that's his closet space)
Guest bath - put out spare CVS toiletries for guests
Master bedroom - full of wedding gifts
Master closet - waiting on my extra special control freak "a place for everything" touch
Master bath - done, excluding gifted towels (is it bad luck to wash these things up before the wedding?
Man room - done, also none of my business

Then I realized we had one major problem - I had purchased wedding night attire at Victoria's Secret in June. It made the move (or so I thought) from my apartment to my parents house. When I thought about it, I just assumed it would turn up when I unpacked. Only now I've unpacked almost every box and its no where to be found.

$35 down the drain. I thought about not buying it. If Mr. Right new how much I paid for it, he would think it was the most unsexy piece of cloth he'd ever seen. But I rationalized that this little splurge wouldn't hurt anything. It was a once in a lifetime chance.

36 days till the wedding night and Victoria's Secret is where she decided to hide herself.

The good news is I found my pert plus receipt (it was wrapped around the Walgreens gift card). Not much comfort when your net loss is $30.71.


  1. Oh man that stinks! Hopefully it will turn up in the next 36 days!

    (And don't worry, once he sees you in it, he won't be concerned with the price tag any more!)

  2. If it doesn't turn up, try Dillards. They usually have really beautiful stuff at much cheaper prices. =-)


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