October 16, 2008

Things I Love Thursday: David Sunflower Seeds

Last Monday, Mr. Right decided that he was going to quit dipping (for those of you Yankees - "dip" is somewhere between chewing tobacco and snuff, think Skoal). Since then he's had to vary his routine so he doesn't miss it as much as he otherwise would.

For the first week, he stayed in the house completely. He's a real estate agent and since he didn't have any clients wanting to look at property, he was able to completely work from home. The theory being if he doesn't pass a gas station, he's not tempted to go in and buy a can.

My suggestion was sunflower seeds. That way he gets to have the feeling of something in his mouth (instead of that big wad of tobacco) and also gets to spit with none of the harmful side effects. Its even a hobby I'll join in with. There's nothing sexier than a smart, strong woman who'll share a spit cup with her man! ;)

Okay now that I've grosses out all 1 and 1/2 of my readers - I'll get to the point. Its working! Not perfectly, but good enough. Today he's working on his 11th day as a tobacco free man!! And I couldn't be more proud.

Things I love:

my man - tobacco + sunflower seeds = one happy woman!

Thank you David, if you're out there somewhere. For more great products check out Things I Love Thursday's.


  1. You didn't gross me out! I love sunflower seeds too.

  2. Hey girl, if it works - that's great. Maybe we could buy them in bulk and pass them around at all the sporting events here in the volunteer state! Might help a lot of people kick the habit.

  3. Yea for your man!!! That is so awesome.

  4. Haha, no gross out here! Congrats to Mr. Right!!! That's awesome!

  5. I wish my husband would quit dipping!! It's so gross. I'd take seed shells any day over what I know is going on in there. I'll try anything - definitely putting seeds on the grocery list.


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