October 14, 2008

Wedding Stress

I have the following things on my plate to deal with:

* still no musicians for the wedding ceremony. i have someone "looking into it" but i haven't heard from him since last week

* circulating rumors that the portion of the national park where we'll be getting married will be closed the month of November. i'm praying this one will be debunked. they did issue me a permit for that date after all. i have an email and a voicemail in to check on this. no word yet.

* an aunt who decided that she needs to bring a guest to my wedding. a wedding so private that none of her children are invited. i suspect she's bringing her great grandson. have i mentioned there are very few children in this world i actually like? so instead of my closest friends at the wedding, this little brat will be there. because my mother is a peacemaker and thinks it would just be best to leave it alone. but i HATE people who always have to get their way no matter what. people who think the rules don't apply to them. why should i give in, when her being there or not means nothing to me?

* a mother who likes to hide things from me (like my aunt's rsvp card) for "my own good". i was in a bad mood this past week, so she decided to save it for a day i was in a good mood. so you can ruin this day as well mother? excellent plan. :|

* 141 (of 212) guests still yet to rsvp. Monday was the deadline. I'd better get to making those calls...


  1. Oh girl!! Hopefully Bratkins can't make it, I know our wedding brat RSVPd "yes" (even though he wasn't invited) but luckily didn't show!

    Just focus on the week after the wedding when you are soaking in that newlywed bliss!!

  2. Oh, wow!!! Good luck with that! I can't believe, since you're having such small ceremony, that your aunt would think that bringing a guest would be just no big deal. I mean...has she never planned a wedding before? lol!!


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