October 08, 2008

The Rachel

No matter what I do, I can't get away from it. My old stylist got in the rut of giving me shorter layers on top and longer on bottom. Think the Rachel only longer. He also dyed my hair jet black making me look like Elvira (unfortunately, it was last October so it looked like a Halloween snafu). So I change stylists, and the next lady makes everything worse. She went crazy with the texurizing sheers and cut the top layer even shorter, and since it had been a few months, the bottom got longer. Looking more and more like the Mistress of the Dark.

I tried a couple of different stylists till I found one that didn't make me leave the salon in tears. Which is where I am now. Back to the Rachel. But at least its long enough to pull back for the wedding.


  1. In January I went in for a "trim" and came out look like Carol Brady! The stylist explaination was that I asked for some layers for movement but still wanted it long enough to pull back for running. Well the top layers were short, I couldn't even bobby pin them and the back was mid back length. Talk about horrifying! Hubby made me promise to never go to Beauty School again. And I guess he is right, those $5 haircuts just aren't worth it. Though I do reason I've gotten bad $30 haircuts too.

    But at least you have something that works!

  2. I had the same hairdresser most of my life, and it was a SHOCK after I got married that I had to find a new person to cut my hair. My first experience with a new hairdresser was HORRIFIC! I've never cried about my hair before, but she chopped it all off and I just bawled. Thankfully, though, I now have a wonderful friend who cuts my hair, and she is AWESOME.


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