March 11, 2010

Finally a non fitness/house post!

Good morning all!!


Okay yeah its still morning.  I got so caught up in budgeting and reading your blogs that I forgot I hadn't posted one of my own.

So besides my binging and (unintentional) purging what have I been up to lately?

Finally something not house/weight loss/fitness related to talk about!!!

Monday and Tuesday I had the pleasure of babysitting my nephew.  The little man will be 22 months old at the end of March.  His baby sitter was out of town and my sister needed someone to watch him for a couple of days.  Thankfully my job provides me with a flexible schedule and more vacation hours than I could ever dream of using!

I figured this would be the perfect set up.  LM and I haven't been able to bond like the Princess and I because...well the Princess gets in the way.  She loves her Auntie Boo, and doesn't want to have to share her.  LM has grandparents and an Uncle Jay usually around the same time as me.  Why bother fighting Sissy for me when he can just move on to the next adoring family member?

With the Princess away at school (I can't believe she's going to be 6 in a couple of months!) watching him for 2 days was the perfect scenario.  I play with him all day, then get to hang out with her when she gets home from school.  Win-win!

She's addicted to Target shopping (heaven help my sister and BIL when she gets old enough to take herself) and we had some baby shower stuff to purchase, so we all met up after school on Monday.  Being the generous, kind soul that she is, the Princess insisted on getting the baby a gift on her own.  My sister and I decided to join forces & pocket books to get our cousin a joint gift.

Monday was perfect.  LM was full of energy as was I.  We did little man weight lifting - he especially enjoyed being my barbell for chest presses and the lower ab leg raises.  He sat on my thighs and enjoyed riding up and down.  Squats, not so much.  Then after stopping for a water break, he ran back into the living room, layed down on the carpet and stuck his legs in the air, trying to do the leg raises himself.

Tuesday, on the other hand, was horrible.  He didn't sleep well the night before and was grouchy all morning.  I must not have slept well either, because I was exhausted too.  When he went down for his nap at 11:30, so did I.  Unforunately his nap lasted the rest of the afternoon so he and I didn't get to hang out that much.

I'm very much looking forward to hanging out with them again this weekend at the shower.  My sister mentioned me coming up more often.  I really did use to before Jay and I started dating.  Its definitely something that needs to be put on my calendar more.

So how's that for a weekend wrap up a day before its the weekend again?


  1. Fun. I love hanging out with my niece and nephew. It's the best! They have an awesome Aunt Boo that's for sure :D

  2. Praise God, only one day before the weekend, LOL.

    Yet what will I be doing on my weekend? Working. Naturally. Glad someone's going to enjoy the weekend and enjoyed last one! =) Have fun!

  3. Nieces (and nephews) are the best! You get to enjoy all that sweetness and return 'em to your sister/bro. :) although I wouldn't mind keeping mine around for awhile!

  4. Yeay! Sounds like you had a great time! That's so cute that he was copying you doing exercises...also sounds like you're a great example for your niece and nephew. Isn't being an auntie the best?

    Your niece sounds a lot like my daughter, she's addicted to Target shopping, too! She can spot a Target gift card a mile away....

  5. Princess and I would get along great- I love Target too. Great idea to incorporate LM into your workouts.

  6. Kids are exhausting but oh so worth it! Glad you're having fun with the little people. :)

  7. It was so nice of you to help out your sister, and what a great way to bond with him!

  8. Sounds like a great time. I love hanging out with the little nieces and nephews - they are so much fun.

  9. Sounds like you are getting a little mommy practice - LOL!

    Hope you are not exhausted - Kids will do that to you!

  10. Yay! I haven't really hung out with my niece or nephews since before I had kids! I'm glad you were able to help your sister out!


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