March 10, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday - It ain't pretty

Sisterhood Spring Fling Challenge

Its weigh in time and as predicted, I had a rough week.

I'm up this week, and its completely my fault.  No need to beat me up, I paid dearly for it last night.  I can honestly say I don't think I'll want near a buffalo wing for a long time to come...

Now for the full report.

I went into this week knowing I was going to be bad, but figured it'd be worth it.  I ended up burning 1400 calories on Saturday with my walk/run combo of 17 miles.  So even though I didn't have to feel guilty about the Mellow Mushroom pizza, it honestly wasn't that good. 

Sunday was okay, nothing crazy, nothing great.  It just was.  Then came Monday - its difficult to find something to eat in someone else's house, especially when they have different cooking/food prep habits than you.  The big oops, however, was completely my choice.

My sister, the princess and I went baby shower shopping then met up with my BIL and the little man at Outback afterward.  I deliberated back and forth what I was going to get, and settled for the bacon cheeseburger.

I've said before, I don't count calories in front of the princess.  I truly stand by that because I want to be a good example.  Not sure what kind of example I was covering my bacon cheeseburger in ranch dressing.  Definitely went with the wrong choice there.

The princess, on the other hand, ordered chicken tenders and veggies for her meal and ended up eating more veggies than chicken.  Although she is the first child I've ever seen dip cooked veggies into ranch dressing.

Then there was yesterday.  As the LM was grunting for his spaghetti o's (so hungry he got upset with me for wanting to heat them first), Jay called me and told me that I needed to get home in time to meet Stan, a client of Jay's, at the brewery. 

Over a month ago, Stan had challenged me to drink a tall boy.  He didn't think I could do it.  Never one to back down from a challenge (remember that stubborn streak that made me start my weight loss journey?  it gets me to do some not so smart things too) I agreed.  Because I'm that Junior High.

Meet the tall boy - 33 oz of microbrew beer.

I just didn't know it would be the night before a weigh in.  To end a week I've been craptastic with my eating.

I can make all the excuses I want about how I have to act/eat/behave a certain way around Jay's clients, but when it comes to meeting up with them for dinner, like in this situation with Stan - its gone beyond the client/realtor relationship.  Stan met up with his friends Jay & Brooke for beers last night.  He's meeting his realtor Jay this morning to take care of business.

Meet Stan.

For those of you dying to know, yes I rose to the challenge.

And, yes, that is a stack of chicken wing carcass on my plate in front of me.  I had 2 pieces of pizza, too many wings to count.  1 tall boy and 1 glass of water.

I asked Jay what his thoughts were about me eating like crap the night before a way in.  "You're hot as balls any way, what does it matter."  Well then, not sure my teammates would accept it, but it was good enough for me.

Then around 1:30 last night - I paid for it.  Jay made fun of me this morning (apparently sleeping so deeply he didn't hear his wife wreching last night) because he though it was the beer that made me sick.  I'm ashamed to admit that I know what drunk/hangover sick feels like.  This wasn't it.

First off, I wasn't drunk.  I won't claim the tall boy didn't have any affect on me, but I certainly wasn't wasted.

Secondly, my tummy isn't use to being fed crap. Who knew?  After 4 days of being fed crap, it had finally had enough.  The good news is that I'm fairly certain those calories don't count.  The bad news (or potentially good news I suppose) is that after seeing them the 2nd time around I don't plan on consuming wings in the near future. 

So, that's my week.  Told ya it wasn't pretty. 

Now for the weigh in...

Goal weight - 120
Last week - 124.4
This week - 124.8

I am going to kick it up this week to make it up to my team.  I feel really bad that I let them down and promise to do everything within my control to be down to 123 next week.  Everything except have a repeat of last night.  I really don't know how those ED girls do it all the time.  While this should go without saying, I'm going to say it any way - its totally not worth it.

So how did you do this week?  Well I hope, just not too well to push the Weight Loss Warriors too far down the leader board.  Weigh in, blog it, then post your link over at the Sisterhood.


  1. Sorry to hear about the wings the second time around!!! Next week will be better.

  2. 0.4 is MAINTAINING, Brooke. Don't be so hard on yourself! You did amazingly well, considering you weren't home for a few days! Sorry to hear about the beer and wing "re-runs," but at least they won't affect your weight for long! ;)

  3. It's amazing how our bodies know good from crap - sorry your wings made a second appearance. But, .4 lbs is nothing to be ashamed of. Seriously, that could have just been from the massive amounts of sodium in the food you consumed over the past few days. Drink tons and tons of water today and that .4 will probably be gone by morning.

  4. 0.4 is nothing to beat yourself up about. After reading everything you ate I expected it to be 2 pounds. You didn't let your team down.

  5. I'm just straight up jealous that after all that food you only gained .4 lbs!!!

  6. Girl, my stomach hurt just reading that...I had a similar experience recently, and yeah...let's just say that it'll be awhile before pizza enters any of my food groups again.

  7. The hot as balls comment almost made me choke...that is funny. I use that exact phrase when I am talking about humidity! HAHAHA!

    Now onto the wings and beer, maybe not the best combo for someone who hasn't eatne like that often lately, but you are awesome for only gaining .4. It'll be gone by nighttime!

  8. Is it so wrong for me to think the tall boy looks so delish? Seriously Brooke - don't beat yourself up. You do an amazing job on your team.

  9. Sorry you haven't been feeling well, and sorry for the (infinitesimal) gain. In a weird, kind of twisted way, though, isn't it awesome that your body is rejecting the unhealthy stuff? You've trained it to only accept the good stuff!

    Hugs to you! My goal for next week is 1.5. You in??

  10. Brooke, you haven't let us down. Not in the least. I'm just hoping you're feeling better *hugs*

  11. UGH. Sorry you got sick from all the crap. I have totally done that before. It's crazy how our bodies revolt against us when we eat crap now!!

    Your gain will be gone next week! I know it will. Don't sweat it, girl :)

  12. Oh, bummer about getting sick! :-( Drink lots of water and go easy on yourself, Brooke!

    Sounds like you had a nice time with your niece and nephew, though. And WOW! I'm in awe of your 17 mile run/walk on Saturday!

  13. Isn't it wild what we put our bodies through?!?! Hang in there and go easy on yourself.

    Loved your husband's comment... gotta love love!

    Take the lesson learned and remember the feelings - it may just make the next time around a bit easier. :)

  14. I heart microbrews so much.

    Ok, look. You had an off week. You know what to do and I KNOW you will. You're awesome. ;o)

  15. I love wings but they don't love me either. I usually end up eating way too many and then I end up with a wicked tummy ache!

    Sorry about the little bit of weight gain...if I know you, though, you'll work it off in no time!

  16. Wow!! What a man you have there to tell you that you are "hot as balls"!! I wonder what that really means, but I have to agree you are a hot babe!! Don't beat yourself up too much for the weight gain and the "wretched" eating. You have learned your lesson the hard way and you will make up for it this week. Amazing that the princess eats veggies more than chicken...just goes to show what a great example you are to her!


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