March 03, 2010

WIW - Let's Go Weight Loss Warriors!

Sisterhood Spring Fling Challenge

This is our first team weigh in.  I was a little hesitant about joining a team this go round; since I was on the last 5 pounds I knew it would be difficult to post consistant numbers every week.  I definitely wasn't counting on anything more than 0.5 at a time.

Challenge start: 125.4
Goal weight: 120

Guess what???

This week: 124.4!!!

I'm thrilled with it.  1 pound may not be a lot for you guys, but at this point in my journey its a big deal.  Especially considering I didn't track anything this weekend and ate like crap.  As per my usual, I did work my heinie off though.

Beyond just the loss?  I'm thrilled that last week's 3# loss wasn't a total fluke.  It was just me finally getting rid of crap my body had been hanging on to for too long.

It also means that I'm 0.4 pounds away from my new 5# button!  I cleared off my buttons at the first of the year to start off with a clean slate.  Hopefully by next week I'll have earned my new one!

Last week I logged 6 1/2 hours of exercise (2 of that was skiing so that might or might not actually count.  I'm counting it. :P) and burned 2,441 calories.

What's on tap for this week? This will be my 2nd week of adding a spin class and a swim to my weights and running schedule.  Also on tap for this weekend is a 16 mile training walk.  I missed the last walk, so I'm hoping that this one doesn't kick my butt.  "Just" walking sounds easy enough until you figure at 4 MPH (which for you nonwalkers is a pretty brisk speed) it will take over 4 hours to complete the walk! 

Due to schedule conflicts the entire group isn't able to meet, so it'll just be my running buddy and me.  We've talked about it and will probably add in a few brief jogs just to give our walking muscles a break.  Running is allowed in the Mountain Man March, so we're hoping to convince our teammates of jogging breaks during the actual event.  Since its a military style event, each member of the team must cross within 20 seconds of each other, or the whole team is disqualified. 

Basically if they don't run, the only place we can run is to get ahead of them for a porta-potty stop.

Sorry to end on a crappy note (teehee I couldn't resist), but how did you do this week?  Head on over to the Sisterhood and let us know!


  1. Great job on the loss, Brooke! I kind of feel like you and I are feeding off one another or something recently! Big loss, lots of exercise, maintaining PLUS another loss...! Except, of course, that you are where I want to be in the end!

  2. Enjoy the spinning! I've never spun before. I wanna try it. :)

  3. Great job on the loss. That's wonderful.

  4. YEA!!! Great job!

    I'm picking up running again today. I think I'll make it an easy 4 mile!!

  5. Congrats on the loss! 1 lb loss with only 5 to go is HUGE!!

  6. You are right at this stage, a pound is a BIG deal! Congrats!!!

  7. Woo-Freakin-Hoo!! Way to go teammate. You are doing awesome in all aspects of fitness.

  8. That is awesome, Brooke! You TOTALLY deserve it! xo

  9. I hope your walk goes well! 4 MPH is a pretty brisk walk! I lived with my dad for awhile & would walk with him at night ~ he walks that fast, & he just about kicked my butt!!

  10. that's awesome! I think if I can consistently get these 5 pounds to come off the next 20 will be simple in relation. At least that's what I keep telling myself...

  11. That is awesome Brooke, and so are you. On the days that my training schedule allows me to cross train, I am biking!

  12. Woo hoo! Great job, Brooke!

    Wow, 4 mph on the treadmill is right about the speed where my legs start screaming at me to break into a slow jog. It's the speed where I have the "wogging" tail action going. I can't imagine doing that for 4 hours straight! I'd imagine one would have to break it up with at least a little jogging motion now and then.


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