March 12, 2010

The Weekend is here!!


Today I'll be taking a break from the Monday Project festivities.  Its a catchup day, where we are supposed to go back and do one of the project we've skipped from the past two months.   I've been a good girl and only skipped two.  I made up for one by posting Super Boo on Monday.

I still have to blog about skiing for the first time, but my darling craphead hasn't gotten me those pictures yet.  Don't worry, it doesn't matter if its June when he gets them to me, I'm blogging it.  Cause I was "hot as balls" in my ski bunny outfit.  Or not.

Yesterday I vowed on Twitter to commit 30 minutes to working on the house every day until we're competely moved in.  My work has stalled and I'm starting to get overwhelmed.  I'm not even finished with all my move in work and already its time to start on the general household maintenance.

Who the beep convinced me to buy a 2500 square foot house?  Do you know how much house that is to clean?  Wah, wah.  Boohoo.  Poor me, I know.

I wasn't sure why I hadn't finished up my work on the house, and I was guessing that my mother-in-law was right and it was pure laziness.  I committed to my tweeps that I would do 30 minutes of work on the house and 30 minutes I would do.

After work I got in my 40 minute slow tempo run, then headed to the grocery store.  You see Brandi's leaving us to day, moving on fulfulling her calling into the ministry.  So we decided to do what any government employee should do when someone leaves - have a potluck.  I had to stop at the store to get the fresh ingredients needed for my pasta salad.

So by the time I got home last night it was 7 PM.  I put dinner on and started washing and chopping veggies.  Dinner was at 7:30, and I started on the dishes at 8.  After dishes came the rest of the pasta salad prep. 

Why am I giving you the mundane details of my evening?  Because I figured out why I don't work on the house at night.  My bedtime is around 9:30 and by 8:30 I was just then getting an opportunity to do some work.  That's not including time needed to do laundry or pack my workout bag for today.

I ended up crawling into bed around 10:30 last night.  So my 30 minutes a day plan sucks.  Then again so does living in a house that's not quite home yet.  This morning I spent 5 minutes putting empty boxes into my car.  You'd better believe I'm going to count every minute that I spend breaking them down and putting them into the recycling bin as part of my 30 minutes of work today.

This is just the way its gotta be because my weekends are full from now until the end of the year it feels like.  This weekend I have two baby showers and dinner with friends two nights, plus my sister and the kids are coming in.  Next weekend I have 5 hours of walking/training for my marathon, and the next weekend is the big 5K.  The fitness expo and registration packet pickup is Saturday and the race is Sunday. 

The first weekend of April is Easter weekend, plus a 22 mile walk, then the weekend to follow I'm having friends over to see my house for the first time.  So getting it ready a little at a time is a must!

Just because I know you're curious the weekend after that is the marathon walk, and the weekend after that is the Beth More "Dealing with Insecurities" simulcast.  So I really am booked up through April.  How the beep did that happen?

So what does your weekend look like?


  1. Keep plugging away - you'll get there!
    I have the weekend off and it's going to be a quiet one, which is good with me!

  2. I would count the boxes too as part of my time!!! We are going to have a nice relaxing weekened with the kids and some friends. Have a great one!

  3. You will get there soon! I know you will. And by the way, I cannot wait to see these "hot as balls" skiing photos.

  4. Brooke, that cracks me up. You? Lazy? She's got to be kidding. You put in a lot of work to stay looking "hot as balls," as your hubby says. ;-) Not to mention your job and helping family members in need.

    That said, a little chunk at a time is a good goal. If you can't get a whole 30 minute chunk, maybe 10 minutes here and there? (Like with your boxes, that totally counts.) Would your hubby be okay with a "fend for yourself" dinners a couple of nights during the week, until the house stuff is done? (We do that on Thursdays, because the kids have dance class and it's a hectic evening.)

  5. Brooke - thanks so much for visiting my blog and sharing your thoughts on my Monday Project. How many 5Ks have you run since you started running? Just curious! Good luck with your new house. You will get there! Please visit again soon!
    Jules @ Dump the Rump

  6. yeah--as much as I'm concerned about cash flow for the next few weeks I'm glad I'll have a little time to breathe's hoping you have a moment or 10 for that as well!

  7. You sound anything but lazy. I can imagine how intimidating that size house can be! Could you break it into smaller chunks, like with the boxes, or house cleaning. Do 5 minutes in the morning before you leave for work, 5 mins when you get home, 5 mins before bed etc. I know it's a lot easier for me to find tiny chunks of time then bigger ones.

    Don't worry, Spring is a busy time, but your house will get there. :-) You have forever to work on it. :-)


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