March 08, 2010

The Super Hero in Me

A few weeks ago Christie O. challenged us to explore who we would be if we were a superhero.  What powers would you have?  Costume would you wear?

Only being the genius that I am I completely understood the challenge wrong.  I thought she wanted us to located the super hero within...what my super powers really are.  at this moment.

So as I was participating in the Sisterhood Olympics Mini-Triathalon, I composed the blog.  Funny where your mind goes when you have 2 hours to do nothing but exercise and talk to yourself.  I had in mind the pictures for the blog and everything.

Then Friday rolled around and I re-read what the challenge consisted of.  Oops.

And my craphead husband Jay still hadn't emailed me the pictures.

So the idea got shelved for a while, but now she's back.  Finally the moment you've all been waiting for...introducing 


Her super power starts with her name - she's able to inspire young girls with a single race + a lifetime of love and adoration. 

You see my niece calls me Boo. It started when she was too young to say "Brooke" so I took what I could get. "Boo - yeah she's talking about me!" She's now 6, and has asked me before why Jay calls me Brooke and not Boo.
That's us after my half marathon with my sister standing behind me.
Super power - Empowering the women of tomorrow!

How does Super Boo manifest this power?

She runs!

It doesn't matter what the temperature as long as its above 25F she is happy to done her fleece ear band and gloves and brave Mother Nature all in the name of logging a few more miles.

She bikes!

Armed with only the Huffy her parents bought her in the early 90s - she isn't afraid to ride into the face of danger as long as there are no pitbulls around in the name of justus.  Even if that's not her name any more.*

*Sorry inside joke.  If the suspence is killing you, and I know you, email me.

Maybe one day the Super Craphead will let her spend several thousand dollars on a real road bike.  Doubtful, but maybe.  (& especially not if she keeps calling him a craphead)

She swims!

Or at least tries. Every super hero has a weakness right??

Super Power - the Will to Never Give Up, Never Surrender

Because even though Super Boo wasn't a runner, she applied her self to the Couch to 5K program and eventually fell in love with it. 

Because even though her super power isn't super speed, she pushed herself (through illness no less) to set a personal record at her last 5K and its training to break that PR at her very next race.

Because even though she hadn't yet been running a year, she trained for a completed her first half marathon.

Because even though she can swim worth a darn, she's working on getting better so that she can particpate in her first triathalon just a week before her 30th birthday.

Super Power - Loving What You're Given

While you or I might see the severe carnival freak show pear shaped that Super Boo has going on - when Super Boo looks in the mirror, she doesn't see her saddle bags.  No, she sees the abs that nature has given her and that her hard work has improved.

Finally, what would a Superhero be without a secret identity?

Tempermental Mild mannered office specialist by day, hard hitting Superhero before work, at lunch, and sometimes even at night.

Dig deep - you know she's in there.  Who's the super hero in you?


  1. Your abs are amazing. Now I'm singing "she's our guy...she's super boo!" Sung to Super Why...maybe you watched it this weekend watching your nephew?

  2. Holy frick! Can I hang a picture of your abs over my treadmill so I'll get my arse in gear? Is that creepy? Haha! Fun blog.

  3. You are one sooper hawt SuperBoo, hooker!

  4. GO SUPERBOO GO!!! awesome stuff to be proud of!!

  5. SuperBoo has some serious awesome abs...I doubt if I worked really hard I could ever get abs like that. Love this Brooke...good job!

  6. SuperBoo - I like that! And, when I saw that picture I was struck by the amazing abs, and saw no saddle bags!

  7. You are seriously hot stuff!!! Dang, girl, I want your body!!

  8. The one super power I would want is to see amazing abs like yours and immediately have mine transformed exactly the same...without dieting and exercise!

  9. You are amazing. I heart you.

  10. I think you look fabulous! I'd give anything for your body-shape issues!!!!

  11. damn, girl, look at that Super-Midsection!!!!! I LOVE your superpowers!!! and those ARE superpowers!! ps. not a couple thousand for a road bike, only a couple hundred! trek 1.2 women's specific: google it!

  12. Wow!! That Super Boo is one hot Super Pwer! Superman and Batman have nothing on you!! You are not only amazingly, wonderfully built, (in God's image, no less) but you are a AWESOME role model for your niece! She is a lucky little girl!


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