March 02, 2010

True Confessions Tuesday - Seriously?

I feel the need to get something off my chest straight away.

I may or may not have uttered the following phrase last night: "I don't get paid to do math.  I get paid to put a semi-decent meal on the table and to look smokin hot."  Sarcasm may not have been present in that statement.

I mean seriously - trophy wives don't do math do they?

Then again they also don't work full time jobs.  I've gotta renegotiate this trophy wife contract of mine...

True Confessions

Moving right along...

*In case you didn't read - I totally kick some calorie counting booty at Buffalo Wild Wings Friday night.  I managed to walk out of there with some extra calories in my pocket.

Which I may or may not have desperately needed come the weekend.

*After skiing on Friday - I totally kick some calorie counting booty and stuck with the plan (salad and chili) to walk out of the restaurant head held high and a handful of calories to spare.

Did I mention I sucked this weekend?  I'm horrible about having food at the house to throw something together so we snacked on crap.

* I was all ready to brag on myself for making smarter choices regarding last nights dinner - a friend suggested I eat low fat cream cheese and spinnach on my english muffin rather than peanut butter and jelly.  Only when I got to the store and saw that a bag of spinnach is $3 I totally took a pass.  Then after I got home I took a pass on the english muffin and had one or two of Jay's canned biscuits.

*I may or may not have taken a 4 hour nap on the couch while Jay worked upstairs trying to give me the perfect closet (or at least an improved closet).  Having said that I worked my rear off before and after the nap, so I consider it a good investment of my time.

*I'm actually starting to believe this "I'm hot" nonsense.  When I look in the mirror, my eyes don't zoom in on my saddle bags any more. 

Anyone watch Chuck?  I was thinking last night that I'm like the character Ellie, Chuck's sister.  She's not the drop dead gorgeous twiggy blonde that Jay guys watch the show for, but she's very attractive in her own right.  I may never be the skinny blonde, but I'm starting to be more and more okay with my role as the sorta hot sidekick.


  1. that spinach english muffin combo doesn't sound good...but at least you were willing to try it!

    good job on the BW's that place can be rough! I'm excited to see your finished closet!!!

  2. Sounds like you're doing really well this week! Kudos for you for eating out AND staying in your calorie range. That's got to be worth a trophy all on its own! And being comfortable in your own skin -- sounds like you're getting there! Now if you want to pass some wisdom my way...

  3. You definitely had more wins than not in the past week. I'm glad you are starting to see your own beauty. Because you are smart, strong, and sexy.

  4. Great Job with staying in your calorie limit while eating out. That is AMAZING!!! You're a very beautiful woman on the inside and out. You always leave wonderful comment filled with motivation. You are WAY better then any Trophy wife. What trophy wife's save money the way you do. You are AWESOME!

  5. Great post! I love your sense of humor! And I am totally loving the blonde sidekick, I am going to be her too one day! Thanks for stopping by my blog today, the comment about the couch potato ran so true! Thanks!!!

  6. Naps are the best. With all you've been doing...your body needed it :) Don't feel guilty.

  7. You are to funny! I wish I could have taken a 4 hour nap! The house looks so good! Can't wait to see more pictures. And now it's my turn to clarify..R1 had to play 10U teams this past weekend because team has and elite status. There is a select and elite status. If there are no 9U elite status teams playing then we have to play up. I was kinda upset but we held our own. And it was our first tournament. I was so proud of the boys, they did great!

  8. Cracking me up with your "trophy wife" analogy! No, trophy wifes don't "work"!! They go to the gym and walk/run on the treadmills wearing their multi-thousand dollar wedding ring and wearing full makeup! They also don't NEED to go to the gym...they just do it so they can show off their cute workout clothes that people like me dream of fitting into!!
    Girl, you got no saddle bags!!

  9. You did great on the eating out and you are starting to believe that you are the smart, strong, sexy trophy wife that you are! Sounds like a great week to me. The 4 hour nap was just a bonus.

  10. i love watching you becoming one with your hotness!!! seriously great job on the B-dubs. i don't know if i'd have been that strong. well you're right, i have to now, the end.

  11. you GO girl :D

    I love the trophy wife comment that you may or may not have made...


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