March 29, 2010

Monday Musings - Choose your own adventure

Hey guys - I was out and about on Friday so sorry if I didn't make it to your blog.  I'm going to try and catch up today. 

Had another craptastic weekend, but instead of bitching about it I thought I'd do another choose your own adventure blog.


I took off work on Friday to hike with my husband, only to have him bail 30 minutes in (or less than a 1/4 of the way to the top).


Jay allowed me to come home, take a nap, then woke me when he got a gorgeous fire built.  I spent the rest of the day (minus the run to Krystal for dinner and the gas station for beer) curled up in front of the fire reading my fluffy romance novel.

Saturday either...

I caught my husband starring at a couple of much younger, thinner, taller, blonder girls walking into the restaurant before us.


I enjoyed splitting a piece of Jack Daniels Pecan Pie with my father.

Then there was Sunday...

Jay, who hasn't trained a moment - who hasn't done any sort of physical activity since the guys called him to play basketball 2 months ago - beat my 5K time by 6 minutes.


I got the opportunity to race with my husband and my parents yesterday and encourage them along the way.

I just felt like this weekend was one big example of how no matter what I do, I'll never be good enough.  I'll never hike fast enough for him.  I'll never been skinny/tall/blonde enough.  I'll never run fast enough. 

All of that - plus the fact that the conference simulcast is in April, means I desperately need to get started reading Beth Moore's So Long Insecurities - You've been a bad friend to us.

And thanks to every one who encouraged me on daily mile, facebook, and twitter even though I was being a Debbie Downer.

Hope you had a more exciting weekend!

PS - I am excited that this week starts my first official week of triathalon training!  I looked over the last few weeks of the plan and its a little scary, but totally doable.


  1. I'm sorry your weekend was not so great! Keep on trucking! You are a beautiful and smart woman - and I know that Jay knows that - YOU need to know that too!

  2. I completely understand your feelings of not being enough! I'm sure Beth Moore will have a lot of wisdom for you in that book. Be sure to fill us in! & as for that silly boy of yours, remember ~ Jay is married to YOU, not those other girls! This is the guy that said you're the best at loving him!! He loves you!

  3. Honey, you are ALWAYS enough, because it isn't about them, it's about YOU. Are you enough for YOU? Forget what they think, because if they love you, they'll always be there, thick or thin, big or small.

    I big puffy heart you <3

  4. sorry about the weekend. Our first year of marrige I trained for 2 months for a 10 mile run. He had not run or worked out in ages. I woke up had a hardy breakfast and was ready to go. P woke up grabbed a coffee than ran the race. He beat me. He actaully stopped and waited for me 3 times. It is so wrong.

  5. Don't get down on yourself - You are the most driven woman I know! You are tough!
    I'm sorry your weekend was not better! Hope the week is a good one :D

  6. and this is precisely why I do my 5K's with A's mom and NOT HIM.


    I'm sorry your weekend had it's down moments, but I'm so glad you were able to see some positive light in it.

    I hope it was as beautiful there as it was here!

  7. I love when you write the choose your own!

    You never mentioned how YOU did on the race. (Or did I just miss that?)

  8. YES IT IS TOTALLY DOABLE! dude, I like how you have the "either" "or" thing going. ya know, guys are just guys. I have to say, I've caught my husband a time or two, there was this one time when I was a hundred months pregnant and swollen and HUGE and we were walking around target, when this totally skinny fake blonde fake boobs, plumpy lips, totally hot in a fake sort of way, and he was in mid-conversation and totally lost his train of thought when she walked by pushing her cart in her stilettos. and then she passed by again about 10 mins later and the same thing happened and he totally stumbled over his words and lost track of what he was saying. anyway, talk about feeling like a frumpy fatty!!! but whatever. i am sure he's caught me checkin out a firefighter or two before. it just happens. you're hot and your awesome and like we've already discovered, you totally rock, so you have nothing to worry about i'm sure.

    and my husband, too, did not train at all for ANYTHING and has always beaten me in EVERYTHING! they also do that too. it sucks, but it follows the line of "they stop drinking soda, they lose 10 pounds."

    anyway, back to your either or, I'm glad you looked at the bright sides too!!! And your race recap was awesome.

  9. Drat, my comment didn't make it here! Have to say, I love your creative format, even though it's a bummer to see you being so down on yourself.

    Re: guys checking out girls, this reminds me of when my husband and I were dating. We were on our way back from a camping trip with this other couple, and we pulled up alongside a shiny, classic convertible Mustang with two cute girls in it. I saw him checking out this delightful scene, and gave him a little nudge. "Ooo, nice car, huh?" He blushed, and the other gal and I got a good laugh about "catching" him. ;-)


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