March 23, 2010

My confessions...

True Confessions

For the most part I was great this week - burned 4,200 calories, stayed with in my alloted calorie intake (didn't even use the extra 400 I spoted my self for the 20 miles on Saturday).  I got some "me" time in - I'm half way through a fluffy novel.  Jay and I spent some quality time together - okay it was watching a stupid movie but it was funny and we both enjoyed it.

Not much left to confess right?  Besides the fact that I didn't last an entire week giving up coffee.

Wrong - today I confess the following:

  • I want Easter my way.  With my family.  I figure since Easter is about celebrating the resurection and hunting eggs (he doesn't believe in the resurection and there are no kids on his side to hunt eggs) that I should be given my way.  That we should go to sunrise service at our church, then head to my grandmother to watch the princess and the little man hunt eggs.

  • We're over budget on just about every catagory we made envelopes for now.  Except dip - the one thing I lectured Jay about making sure he didn't go over on.

  • I was quite prideful when my mother told me my grandmother's reaction to seeing our house for the first time.  She said it was really nice - could we afford it.  Of course this wasn't to me, so I couldn't brag about what a great deal we got on the place.  But I certainly puffed up a bit that my house is so nice my grandmother didn't have a clue how little we paid.

  • I'm going to be glad very very glad when I start focusing on training for the triathalon next week.  I'm sick of worrying about pace and beating myself up for not being fast enough.

  • I'm worried that Jay will beat me in the 5K this weekend.  The dude that hasn't exercised in over a month (playing basketball with the guys) and who knows how long before that.  The dude that thinks 3 miles is a long run.  But I know he's going to - because he's naturally athletic like that.

  • I'm worried that I won't reach my 31 minute 5K goal.  I've said I'll be happy with any new PR (32:08 or less) but that's just not true.  I want to race a 10 minute mile.  Period. 

  • I'm worried that after all my hard work this week, I still won't lose weight - meaning this is the weight loss end for me.  I have nothing left to give.  If I don't lose this week I'll be seriously upset.


  1. Girl, that is the reason I don't run with my husband! He outruns AND outlasts me. I like to run with people that keep my pace with me (which is that of a turtle, I'm sure) so we can talk!

    And I always want to do the holidays my way. *sigh*

  2. Ok I have to tell you that in the beginning of marraige it is all about "training them right!" lol Sobe sure and get your way with Easter, especially since men will give just about any excuse to not go to an egg hunt!

    Your running goals sound hard but awesome! I hope you beat your hubby in the 5K!

  3. Try not to stress about your running goals. It will make it that much harder to reach. It's okay if he beats you. He is a man. They're built differently and you can't let that frustrate you. You will do great this weekend. I know it!

  4. You should definitely get Easter your way and don't give up. You are the most motivated gal I know.

  5. - I think you should get Easter with your family. Kids hunting eggs wins, hands down. (You might want to let him opt out of sunrise services, though, if he's resisting the whole plan based on that part of it. Besides, it might make him feel generous enough in return that he'd suck up and do it anyway... ;-)

    - I'm excited for your triathlon training! It is fun to mix up the goals now and then.

    - Good luck on your 5K this weekend! Hope you get that PR!

  6. Keep pushing for Easter, it will happen! I love Easter, it's one of my favorite times. We have a big BBQ with our friends and dye eggs. Then we let the kids hunt around 500 plastic eggs in the back yard.

  7. Brooke, I actually think you are going to surprise yourself on the 5k and do fine. Maybe Jay will beat you, but who cares? Personally, from watching your stats on DM, I think you're more of a distance girl. Sure, maybe he can beat you on a 5k... is HE running a marathon in January? I didn't think so!

    I understand the feeling of *I have nothing less to give*. Please don't beat yourself up! You are doing phenomenal! Maybe you won't see the scale move more than a couple more pounds. But the work you're do ing will eventually pay off in the re-shaping, which I think is more your goal at this point.

    Stay strong! You are an AWESOME sister and I am proud to call you a friend!

  8. A triathlon? Wow. I feel like a slacker. I'm worried about walking a 3k this weekend. lol.

  9. Hope you beat the hubby this weekend!! Mine would beat me too, so don't feel bad if he does!! And your running training would KILL me!!

  10. OMG, the way you described Jay outrunning you totally reminded me of how it was Tim and I used to run together. I'd be running like 3 feet behind him, panting and begging him to wait for me.

    If we could do Easter my way, we'd be at home doing our own little egg hunt with the kiddos with no sign of the IL's or my mom and stepdad. I'm pure evil.

  11. I think that is so great that you are running and doing so well. You sound AMAZING to me. I wonder why you think you aren't that good? I am sure it is some technical reason. I would give you a star just for getting out there every day and trying! So wonderful!

    LOVE that your Grandma was so proud of you. Call her and tell her about your good deal. She will love that!


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