March 31, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday - The Yo-Yo edition

Sisterhood Spring Fling Challenge

Its weigh in time again!

Okay so maybe I'm not that excited about it.  I did lapse this weekend into some dessert medication for my cranky, moody soul. 

I also had a race this weekend - if you haven't read all about it check out the full race report here (with pictures)!

Now on to the nitty gritty.

Challenge starting weight: 125.4
Goal weight: 120
Last week: 123.6
This week: 125.0
Sorry to the Weight Loss Warriors, I'm logging a gain of 1.4 pounds this week :( Although I promise (as I do every week I gain) to make it up next week.  I've even got an Easter-proof plan in place.
At this point I'm just frustrated with the constant yo-yo.  As you can see from my numbers I've been all over the place this challenge.  I've been as high was 127 (two weeks ago) and as low as 123 (last week).  I need to step back and really evaluate what's going on.
Am I just sick of working at losing?  Is my body happy with where it is?  Am I sabatoging myself - when I finally have a loss allowing myself to fall back into old behaviors?
As far as my body reaching its happy point, I'm not sure.  I still have plenty of fat left to lose on my legs, but certainly not on my upper body.  During our last marathon training walk, my friend/coworker/training partner said that how much I have to lose depends on where my body wants to take it.  If its done taking from up top then I could still stand to lose a little, but if it still insists on taking off the top then I run the risk of looking too skinny (from the waist up at least).
We've got a few more weeks left on the challenge I need to try to keep my focus until then.  After that, I might need to re-evaluate where I am and where I want to be.  For now I've made a commitment and need to do all I can to make sure that the Weight Loss Warriors keep the top spot!!
Since these first few weeks of triathlon training actually have me doing less activity then I'm use to, I think I'm going to adjust my calories down to try and compensate.  Then as the program gets more intense I'll add calories back. 
Hopefully you did better this week than I did.  If not, we'll both make it up next week.  So go weigh in already and then post your results over at the Sisterhood.


  1. Don't be too hard on yourself. You lost 3 1/2 pounds last week which is HUGE. It's not to surprising that you gained some back. Your body needs to be happy where it is at and it sounds like you might be getting close to that point. You are amazing and you have accomplished a lot with your races. I hope you remember that.

  2. Do you do any strength training? Even body weight? Because maybe you just need to tone up in the lower body. A large majority of women are larger on the bottom than on the top part of their body, but some good barre exercises, lounges and squats are great for toning up. If it's got to be bigger than you'd like, it will at least be firmer and hotter ;-)

  3. I feel that way, too, about my tri training. I don't feel like I'm working out as hard as I used to.

  4. sucks to yoyo....but at least you are staying about the same. Do you feel like you are firming up more? You are doing mad weight training so maybe its just going to show in firmness rather then pounds loss.

    Either way, it's good to see you are staying focused at being healthy...that's what truely matters!

  5. Sorry to hear you're up a bit, Brooke. Hugs to you. Constantly re-evaluating is a GOOD thing! Hope you can make peace with whatever decision you come to.

  6. Oh my you're speaking to me. "Am I just sick of working at losing? Is my body happy with where it is? Am I sabotaging myself - when I finally have a loss allowing myself to fall back into old behaviors?" I think all of these things about my being in a plateau, too.

    I adore you, honeybun. We'll travel these waters together and figure out what'll work. You're not letting anyone down, we care only about your health.

    Do you do the 30 Day Shred or EAS Active at all? Both of those helped me legs immensely.

  7. Dessert medicine? I believe I can write prescriptions for that :)

    Dove Dark Chocolate twice daily, take by mouth. May cause happiness.

  8. Don't be too hard on yourself, perhaps you're putting on muscle? Maybe use a measuring tape for a little bit to see if you're noticing changes that way.

  9. From your recent pictures it appears that you are gaining muscle (your abs are amazing!). Don't be so hard on're doing great!

  10. I know lots of people who tend to go up a little on the weigh-in after a race, mainly because your body is in recovery mode. I'm sure you'll pop back down next week.

    Health-wise, be grateful you're not carrying it around the middle. (I'm not exactly sure where you're carrying it; you look quite slender to me!) I have the dreaded apple-shaped body, and while my legs and arms are looking pretty good, I still have a few inches too many in the stomach.

  11. Remember muscle weighs more than fat and you are pure muscle!!! Me, hummm not so much.

  12. Hang in there and go easy on yourself. You are doing such a great job being aware and taking care of your health. Keep up the great work and hang in there with the yo-yo weeks.

  13. Maybe you just need to mix things up a sounds like you've hit a plateau.

    Whatever it is, I know it's disappointing. But you continue to amaze me with your determination and strength.

  14. I have a question for you. Why is 120 your goal? What about that number is so attractive to you?

  15. Brooke, You are awesome and you are looking so amazing I would have to say, "don't look at the number on the scale - look in the mirror (and not with those "ugly glasses")." Keep evaluating what you are doing and everything will turn out great! You may be where you are "supposed to be" and just not realize it yet.


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