March 16, 2010

True Confessions - Diversifing my guilt

Good Morning!  (I actually am that cheerful this morning - probably because I slept in until 6:50 this morning.)  Its Tuesday which means...


Okay so it also means its confession time.  Grab a cup of coffee its gonna be a long one!

True Confessions

  • I talked April into running this weekend on the guise that she would be my running buddy in spirit...only I slept in and didn't run. 
  • I didn't exercise at all this weekend.
  • I had 2 sausage biscuits at the babyshower on Saturday.
  • I had 4 pieces of pizza at the cabin Saturday night.
  • I had a sausage omlet and pancakes at IHOP Sunday morning.
  • I had a plateful of crap at the babyshower on Sunday afternoon.
  • I had hibachi last night and cleaned my plate.
Not to be one accused of only talking about fitness weight loss...

  • I didn't do a blasted thing to my house on Saturday.
  • I got very little moving related done to my house on Sunday*
  • My version of cleaning the bathroom this morning?  Wiping the sink and toilet down with a clorox wipe and spraying down the shower with daily shower spray.  I'll sweep and do the bowl tonight but beyond that's all it'll get for the next week.  Or two.  Or three.  Or until Jay dips on the toilet again without a spitter.
  • Other than voting in a business meeting, I have no clue what the point of joining a Baptist church is.  (my denomonation)
  • I've planned so poorly that we've ran out of ground turkey - which means I'll have to be creative until it goes on sale again.  Jay only tolerates chicken, so I'll have to dig out the other meats in the freezer (like the smoked sausage, pot roast, some deer link thingy) to keep from having chicken every night.
  • Jay and I did budget envelopes this month, and only half way through the month we're already over budget on 3 of the 7 catagories.
*The only thing house related I took care of was putting the dust ruffle on the master bed as I was changing the sheets.  Which means I'm officially She-ra (but only if she's more powerful than Super Boo.  I wanted to get it done and Jay wasn't at home.  I had to move the king sized mattress off the box springs by my self then put it back.  Reason #108 that I totally rock!

Okay now that I'm finally done (and I'll probably be begging the Weight Loss Warriors not to kick me off the team tomorrow) I'll let you get down to business.  What are your confessions - the Sisterhood is dying to hear all about them!


  1. Sounds like a weekend "off" might be a good thing once in a while!!! Hugs!

  2. I am anxious to hear how you do with the envelope system. I heard it is wonderful, but I have never tried it.... yet :-)

  3. We all have bad weeks. Was the princess at the Baby Showers? If so, it makes sense why you ate what you did. I think it’s great you don’t count in front of her. Girls have enough issues with weight as it is. They shouldn’t see they’re loved ones worry about it too. It was probably good you took a break from the house. I’m sure you needed it.

  4. Yay for Lost!!!
    Don't stress about your budget, it's only your first month and takes awhile to be realistic about your spending. You can say you're only going to spend $200 on groceries, but if month after month it's around $300, change your budget and pull the extra from some where else. It's not set in stone, it just helps to make you more conscience of where your money is going. :-)

  5. Your version of cleaning the BR sounds an awful lot like mine...LOL

  6. I think moving the king mattress all by yourself was a workout in itself. They are heavy! Yeah for Lost!!

  7. Do not feel bad for doing what you call nothing last week. I did manage to do the laundry and change the sheets on all three beds this weekend but other than that, that was it! I sat on my hiney watched trash TV and played with the boys outside. Good luck this week!! And when you are cleaning the bathrooms think of me. Mine will need it and I won't be able to do it because R1 has a baseball tourney this weekend. =)

  8. none of this sounds bad to me :)

    and hallelujah for LOST day!

  9. Oooh, you bailed on April?! You're in trouble!!

    But as for bailing on the house on the weekend? You needed the break!

  10. I'm having some unexpected costs this month too. And I ate junk this weekend too.


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