March 19, 2010

For those who just can't hack it for 40 days...

The Monday Project

Time for another Monday Project!

This week's asked us to give up something for an entire week - kinda like a mini-lent without the religious application. 

The only "diet" I can sustain is one that allows me to eat whatever I want. Sure I try to make the most healthy choices available to me, but occasionally I'll work a piece of pizza or two into my day and just make sure I cut calories elsewhere.  So the concept of restricting myself from anything isn't something I'm use to.

I chose coffee randomly.  I don't really have any one thing that I crave on a regular basis or feel like I have to have.  I don't always eat dessert, don't always have bread with my meal, or always eat a certain kind of meat. 

Both of my daily routines involve beverages - I drink coffee all day and I chomp on ice.  The ice thing is something new I've picked up and we'll see what the dentist has to say about it at the end of the month.  Hopefully I'm not hurting my teeth or anything.

I was the classic addict in denial about coffee.  Sure I can quit anytime I want - I didn't use to have a cup every day.  I could easily go back.  I even thought that since I mostly drink decaf then I would have caffeine withdrawl.

I was ready to give up and change what I was going to abstain from by noon on Wednesday (the day I started).  I work in an office that's constantly cold.  I keep the space heater under my desk running, but it can only do so much especially when I'm munching on ice.  A hot beverage is welcome - and coffee is my only no calorie choice.  (I don't like tea.)

I should say low calorie I've gotta have my creamer.  But I can slowly sip on my 35 calories of half and half (2 tbsps) over the course of the workday.  Day 1 I tried to replace coffee with no sugar added hot chocolate (50 calories) but then ended up adding 100 calories of marshmallows to the drink.  Day 2 I tried to replace it with hot water.  Yep, I put a splash of almond milk and a packet of splenda in my coffee cup and added hot water. 

Genius idea, so so drink.

Today is day 3.  I'm hoping that I don't have the same headache that I had for days 1&2.   Yes decaf coffee does have some caffeine in it, and I guess I was adding some regular coffee into my cup more than I realized.  I think today I'm going to try and stretch a packet of apple cider throughout the course of the day.

The headaches and my need to replace coffee tells me that I was definitely too dependant on it and this detox was a great idea.  I'm just not sure if I'll go back to drinking it on a regular basis come next Wednesday.

Did you give something up this week?  Head over to the Sisterhood and link up so we can read all about it!


  1. I seemed to have given up on my exercise. I guess being outside with the kids counts, right?

  2. I gave up soda last week and it has been paying off. I did hate the headaches at the beginning though. You can do it :-) Have a great weekend!

  3. I would rather give up chocolate than caffeine. That's how much I need it.

  4. Get out of here. I laughed my head off about the hot water : ) You are creative for sure Brooke! I just love coffee. Sometimes I give it up if I am running late in the morning. I don't get headaches but it sure does give me an energy burst in the mornings : ) Way to go!

  5. Giving up the caffeine is REALLY HARD!! I'm proud of you!!

  6. I love what jen@odbt said. I've given up exercise too! And right now the weather is nice where I live I love being outside. But don't ask me in a few weeks when the temps reach 127 degrees!

  7. I accidentally got myself addicted to caffeine & have dealt with those headaches just from decreasing the amount that I drink! I don't think I could give up coffee completely! I hope the rest of your week has been better!

  8. I can go back and forth on coffee. It's something I enjoy but I don't need to have it. I didn't realize that chewing on ice could be bad for your teeth!!


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