March 09, 2010

True Confessions - Boy I know my weakness

True Confessions

Time for another edition of True Confessions.  Grab a glass of water, pull up a chair and hear what bad things I've been up to recently.

  • I was bad Saturday.  I logged 16 miles on my feet (walk/run combo - mostly walking) burning over 1,400 calories.  So you can sympathize why I didn't fret over that extra slice of cheese right?
  • Sunday, I headed to my sister's for a couple days to babysit the little man. I have a strict no calorie counting rule in front of the Princess.  We certainly don't want her turning out mental like her Aunt Boo.  I tried to keep it to 1,000 calories during the day while she was at school and not go crazy at dinner, but apparently I didn't try hard enough.
My final and worst confession?

  • I'm still at my sister's - I wrote this post on Friday knowing full well all my tempations and exactly when I would give in to each one of them.
I'm coming back tonight and will be here bright and early tomorrow for the weigh in.  So how'd you do this week?


  1. I think it is great you don't count calories in front of the princess. Girls have enough to deal with and images forced upon them of what to look like. You are an amazing woman and I hope you never forget it.

  2. I agree with TRBS about not counting in front of the princess. I've always been conscious of how I eat, exercise & talk about my body in front of my girl.

    & I think it's hilarious that you wrote this on Friday!

  3. I'm very conscious of what I say about body image in front of my kids, especially my daughter. You are a great role model for your niece.


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